Appeal Filed in Case of Rapist’s 30-Day Sentence

Appeal Filed in Case of Rapist's 30-Day Sentence

An appeal that was looming in the case of rapist Stacey Rambold, as reported earlier, has been filed by the Montana Attorney General with that state’s Supreme Court because Rambold was only sentenced to 30 days for statutory rape.

District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh, had sentenced Rambold to 15 years for statutory rape, but in effect suspended all but 30 days of the sentence. Judge Baugh called on Tuesday for a review of the decision on Friday. However, Yellowstone County Atorney Scott Twito had, since a meeting with the judge last week, voiced his concern that state law precludes a sentence from being changed in this way.

If a sentence is illegal, as even Baugh seems to think the one he pronounced is, it must be examined by a higher court through appeal.

Judge Baugh has sparked public outrage not only by sentencing a rapist to only 30 day’s incarceration, but also for making disparaging remarks about the victim, who took her own life before the case could be brought to trial. His effort to avoid the appeal process seems to have been curtailed by Montana Attorney General Tim Fox’s legal move.

By Milton Ruiz

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