Apple iOS 7 Does Not Make iPhone Waterproof

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This should really go without saying, writing or thinking – yet alas many people were duped. A spoof ad started surfacing, encouraging iPhone holders to dip their non-water-resistant phones into water. And, why? Well, states the ad, the iOS 7 update made phones waterproof. Instead of questioning the very simple science behind this illogical claim, many users instead did it. This resulted in severe losses and hundreds of dollars wasted, especially if customers did not have insurance. The Internet forum, 4Chan started the rumor and it exploded. The rumor was accompanied by images that were photoshopped.

Photoshopped ad
Photoshopped ad

Sure there are cases like Lifeproof that are able to keep a phone safe from water exposure, but the phone itself is not prepared to handle that. Be sure to confirm any questions with a mobile carrier or Apple directly. The whole basis of everything off the Internet is true, has never been right. Sadly, thousands of users drowned their iPhones to test the firmware, rumored theory and lost severely. How likely would it be Samsung liking a status posted by Tim Cook?

Spoof creation
Spoof creation

Reiterating one more time, the iOS 7 update does not make iPhones waterproof. There are water resistant devices like the Galaxy S4 Active, the Rugby Pro Smart and additional devices. Water resistant also does not mean to soak your phone continuously and be protected. Carriers suggest add mobile insurance to protect against water and physical damages, outside of manufacturer defects. There are great features of the iOS 7 while waterproof is not one of them, there are several to enjoy:

  • The swipe friendly Control Center.
  • The Notification center for birthdays and that appointment set last Friday can now become a forefront notice.
  • An Android feature is now an Apple benefit with multitasking.
  • Camera filters to make a picture monochrome, black and white or various selections for some funk or punk.
  • Photo Collections are just a cool aspect to the iOS 7 update. The pictures separate by year or event set.
  • Share a photo or contact with AirDrop. No more data wait times, make it an instant share.
  • The new Tab view for Safari is a great concept to flip through a page a user may be looking for.
  • iTunes Radio is perfect for users who love their music and may be tired of downloads. Stream a radio station and even personalize the choices.
  • Siri has been enhanced to return calls, check voicemail or dial through the many iTunes stations.
  • Find my  iPhone is a feature that is awesome. While this feature will not, by some AI hand turn off circuits to protect from water, it will lock off the phone and the user better know the Apple ID and password to reactivate it.
  • iOS in the Car is a nice feature for travelers or people who just need their phone in their car. Hands free control can save a life or a police ticket.
  • Compatible for iPhone 4 and up.
A true feature is Find my iPhone
A true feature is Find my iPhone

Prior to ever putting a phone in harms way, always check with the manufacturer or the mobile carrier. Far too often, cruel rumors can put phones in danger and people in states of anger and humiliation. iPhones, regardless it is the 4 or the 5S are not inexpensive phones. iPhone is compatible with the Lifeproof cases; where no case and no phone is 100 percent covered from water damages. The iOS can help a user protect their phone somewhat from brute hacking, drop a photo or call hands-free, but it will not become a waterproof device from a firmware update. Were you a victim in this cruel joke?


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