iOS7 and New iPhone takes Apple Inc. Higher

Apple Inc. or AAPL in NASDAQ has grown its value even higher with sales of its new iPhone and iOS7 soaring high. This shows that Steve Jobs truly left the company in good hands with CEO Tim Cook.

Having lost their legendary visionary leader has not stopped Apple from continuing to be a market leader in electronics where they currently can do no wrong with any new products.

In the current and next quarter, it has been predicted that Apple will report high profits because of its high sales of late. Financial analysts have been busy recalculating their predictions for Apple as its sales continue to go well beyond expectation.

The shares of AAPL may rise beyond 20 percent of its current value. Because of such high demand for its new products, it is likely that their prices will soon go over $600.

At the beginning of September, the iPhones 5S and 5C were launched to the delight of many consumers. In the first three days of sales alone, Apple was able to sell a company record of nine million iPhones. This initial burst of sales along with the pre-orders for the higher priced iPhone is remarkable.

The response to Apple’s new OS the iOS 7 has also been very positive and record-breaking. Since it was launched last week, there have been 200 million downloads. This shows that Apple has many loyal customers who want to continue growing with the company’s newest innovations.

According to Chitika’s online advertising network, 51 percent of all devices running iOS in the U.S. and Canada are now running on iOS7. Even the police are encouraging users to download the new OS because of its stronger security features.

iOS7’s success is also due to the many Apple devices it is compatible with: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 5th generation iPod Touch, and the iPad 2 or any newer iPad.

The website Apple Insider states, “iOS 7 ticks all the boxes for a major consumer-focused operating system refresh: an overhauled user interface, updates to killer apps like the camera with its new burst capture mode, the addition of iTunes Radio, and many more. However, changes that users cannot see — those aimed at enabling developers to build whole new classes of applications with Bluetooth connectivity — may be even more exciting.”

Apple Insider is referring to the iBeacon. It is a new iOS7 feature that has everyone buzzing. It is Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology that only uses 10 percent of the energy regular Bluetooth uses. iBeacon has many possible applications such as pinpointing a user’s location that is more accurate than GPS.

Apple’s unique ecosystem has certainly created such a brand loyalty that their customers find it extremely difficult to switch to other brands of phones, computers, or tablets.  Customers have invested in Apple devices that have been with them for years now, because they seamlessly work together to make their digital lives as easy as possible.

The iOS7 and iPhone 5 are a great indication of more powerful innovations to come out of Apple Inc.  It is exciting to see what to wait for what they will come up with next.



Written by: Chelo Aestrid


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  1. mds   September 26, 2013 at 10:36 am

    And not mentioned was the overinflated manufacturing costs; which are in stark contrast to reality.
    AAPL’s improved supply chain, via over $10B per year will show margins that will put egg on the face of every analyst.


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