Ariel Castro Dead: Does Anyone Really Care?

Ariel Castro Dead: Does Anyone Really Care?

Ariel Castro hung himself in prison last week. I’m guessing he was not on suicide precautions or watch. Does anyone care? He was convicted of the charges against him and able to plea out of the death sentence. This is where the law gets murky for many of us. So again we must trust our officials, our system to do the right thing.

The girls and, yes, they are girls as their forced imprisonment took any youth and innocence totally from them. This case is almost unbelievable, like what, this happened in America? To be mentally and physically imprisoned with chains and collars and doors barred from opening is the unthinkable. How could they not run away some ask? How could Elizabeth Smart not run when out in public view?

The first idea which comes to mind is innocence; children are very trustworthy and loving. This is why they can get into a car or go with someone or not fight. The second idea is when does a human being become an animal with monstrous behaviors? Possibly when they are allowed to get away with it, it perpetuates itself.

For Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, Michelle Knight and Berry’s six year old daughter maybe now they can possibly shed a quiet tear of joy. Gone forever is the monster that terrified them day and night for over ten years. Again, I say this must have happened in a poverty- stricken lawless country, not my beloved America, home of the free and the brave. Those girls were not free but they were brave, to hold on year after year in forced exile from civilization. What this tells me is something about the human spirit and the fragility of children, everywhere.

Did he not get the death penalty because no one died, that we know of or have proof of?

Why did no one really see what was going on right beside them? Why does a person even kidnap, rape and beat three other human beings, repeatedly? Can psychologists even fathom this despicable behavior? I certainly can’t.

No wonder why mothers and fathers hold their children closer these days, even hover as it’s called. We walk them to the bus stop; hold their hands and worry, endlessly. As we make sure everyone gets their rights under the law, let us not forget the right of our littlest human beings which have been born and live among us. They need our protection and love as they live in fear in this modern world. Just think of the things which they see all over the news and on their hand held phones. It becomes a difficult task for a parent explaining to a young person about bombings at a marathon, kidnappings, and killings such as in schools and war, etc. It becomes part of their norm what they are exposed to.

These girls who suffered physically and mentally can maybe tell us what they would have done differently, now that they are free. He is dead and they didn’t put him six feet under, but maybe their load will be lightened and they can rest knowing evil has been conquered. They know, he knew he did wrong and worse … evil.

Did you know that the kind citizens of Ohio tore that house down and took it away on their own, at their own expense?

Thus kindness begins and these girls deserve a beautiful existence, a heaven on earth.

Caroline Clemens

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