Black Axe Cult Leader Adigun Muda Arrested for Murder of 10


Adigun Muda, 32, who is allegedly the leader of the Black Axe cult, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command as a suspect in the murders of 10 youths in the Fadeyi and Mushin areas of Nigeria. The killings occurred over three years, from 2010-2013.

Though Muda had been charged with murder before, and was incarcerated at the Ikoyi Prison for more than a year, he was able to get out of his legal difficulties due to the intervention of wealthy community members. Muda got a bail application and was freed from prison, though the circumstances involved in his release were controversial.

After Muda was released, he allegedly tried to locate and take revenge on the people who had cooperated with the police to see that he was arrested. The police tried, once again, to arrest him, but their efforts resulted in failure. Despite this, some policemen who were members of Area D Command in Mushin determinedly tracked him down.

Omololu Bishi, Area Commander, ACP, led the team of policemen this past Thursday in arresting Muda. He had travel documents with him when he was apprehended at the visa application center. According to the police, around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, the suspect was arrested by policemen who were on patrol duty.

The police reported that they discovered Muda had falsified documents on him.  The documents  included an identity card that was forged. The card depicted Muda as being an employee of “the Lagos State Waste Management Agency.” Adigun Muda, upon being interrogated, the police stated, “confessed that he was a member of Black Axe Confraternity, and had killed many people. ” An investigation is underway to discover the mystery and conditions behind Muda’s release from Ikoyi Prison.

In the words of one police detective, “We did our job and charged this guy (Muda) to court. We have arrested and charged him three times but he continues to find his way out of prison. This frustrates our job and we want the government to look into this.”

Muda was a much-feared and hated man in Mushin, were celebrations erupted at the news of his arrest. Some of the youths narrated their experiences after falling into Muda’s hands. Toheeb Sodiq, one of Muda’s victims, was shot three times by him. Sodiq stated that “four armed men” who were “led by Muda” began shooting at him and left Sodiq for dead. According to Sodiq, “Muda and his gang members have been terrorizing us for a long time. This is indeed an achievement for the police.”

The leader of the Black Axe cult, Adigun Muda, accused of murdering 10 youths, has once again been arrested by the police for his alleged crimes and his attempts to get revenge on those who aided the police in his earlier arrest.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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