Boston Police Commissioner Quits Post [Video]


The Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers demanded the resignation of Edward F. Davis, Boston Police Commissioner, before he quit his post amidst concerns of diversity in his department. The MAMLEO organization noted the majority of the officers in the department were white with few minority officers being hired.

“I think it’s the right thing for him to do in terms of the city being able to move forward,” stated Larry Ellison, president of the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, he had previously passed a vote of no confidence publicly calling for Davis’s removal early during the 2013 calendar year.

Ellison believed that Davis was directly responsible for the lack of diversity in the upper ranks of management in the department. Davis however stated that his administration maintained the most diverse executive management within the history of the department for senior officers. Ellison publicly disagreed noting the lack of minorities represented in the ranks of Boston’s law enforcement group.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis will quit his post amidst concerns of the department’s diversity hiring practice and pursue other career opportunities. It is believed that Davis plans to teach part-time at Harvard and will receive a healthy separation package from the city. He plans to work with the Mayor for the smooth transition of a new person to run the city’s law enforcement group.

“Hopefully we’ll have a police commissioner coming in who is focused on all members, and not just a few,” said Ellison. Ellison’s organization noted that there are no district commanders of color in a department that oversees a diverse city population. Boston has been noted as an Irish stronghold for years in regards to employing civil servant officers and the MAMLEO is fighting to make the ranks more diverse.

Many view the departure of Commissioner Davis as an opportunity for the next incoming mayor to right a wrong. They hope that the consideration of a man of color be nominated for the post and the development of policies designed to cultivate a more diverse atmosphere for the department. The MAMLEO is pushing for such an initiative and plans to be active in upcoming city elections.

Dan Conley, Mayoral candidate and Suffolk District Attorney, supports Davis’s administration stating his departure will leave “big shoes to fill.” Conley also believes that a commissioner of color is a possibility and offers to explore it if elected as the city’s next mayor. He greatly praised Davis for his leadership in the recent Marathon bombings in Boston.

With Boston Police commissioner Edward F. Davis quitting his post amidst concerns of diversity, many are delighted with what the future holds. Groups such as Ellison’s are ready for the city to move forward and department from the old practices of Boston’s police law enforcement group. Supporters of Davis are saddened to see his departure from city leadership but look forward to address diversity concerns in the Boston Police Department.

By Thomas Barr

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