Kenya Mall: Terrorists Shoot Non-Muslims

Kenya Mall: Terrorists Shoot Non-Muslims

According to reports from London’s Daily Mail terrorist gunmen have begun to shoot non-Muslims at the Kenya Mall in Nairobi. According to eyewitness reports the terrorists were lining people up and asking them to recite the Koran or asking questions such as the name of Mohammed’s mother and if they got the answer wrong they were shot.

At least 62 hostages have been killed so far and hundreds wounded. Kenyan security forces have stormed the building and there have been gun battles inside. There are also reports that most of the other hostages have been released. According to the Kenyan Red Cross there are 63 people missing. There have also been reports of explosions inside the mall this morning.

This situation started three days ago when the terrorists entered the Westgate Premier Mall and began shooting. It is still unclear exactly what group the terrorists belong to but this appears to be just the latest in a string of Islamic violence throughout western Africa. It is believed that the attackers belong to the Somali al-Shabab militant group which is angry at Kenya for sending troops to Somalia. According to the BBC, this group sent out the following tweet:

“Then at about 18:00 GMT, 21:00 local time, an al-Shabab Twitter account, which has subsequently been shut down, tweeted: ‘The Mujahideen entered #Westgate Mall today at around noon and are still inside the mall, fighting the #Kenyan Kuffar (infidels) inside their own turf.’”

According to a statement from the White House, President Barack Obama called Kenyan President Kenyatta and offered his condolences and promised to help. While the White House has acknowledged that this is a terrorist act, there was no mention of the “I” word, Islamic. In fact in a quick review of mainstream media sources, none of them have used the word “Islamic” in their reports. There al-Shabab group has been tied to Islamic militant groups such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haren and Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union. It is hard to explain away the Islamic terrorist connection when witnesses have said that non-Muslims were targeted.

Also a former head of the United Nations Monitoring Group, Matthew Bryden, has said that this Kenya mall has been mentioned in intelligence reports as a terrorist target for years. He also said that it signals a change in tactics for al-Shabab, from local suicide bombings to mass attacks where more damage can be done.  There are also unconfirmed reports that some of the attackers are from the United States and that the FBI is possibly increasing security at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Does this shooting of non-Muslims signal what we can expect from the “Religion of Peace” in the future?

Written by: Paul Roy

Sources: BBC  Daily Mail  Reuters  NY Times

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  1. alan gray   September 23, 2013 at 10:14 am

    Again, muslims show they are the most war-like people who simply wish to impose their beliefs on the rest of the world and will go to any lengths to achieve this.


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