Breaking Bad Best Drama at Emmys? (Poll)

Breaking Bad Best Drama at Emmys? (Poll)

Breaking Bad Best Drama at Emmys? (Poll)

The 65th 2013 Emmy Awards started yesterday and Emmy excitement will reach fever pitch before Sunday September 22 when the “big” awards will be given out. One of the biggest award categories will be Best Drama Series. In our mind, we believe the favorite to win the Emmy for Best Drama will be AMCs Breaking Bad. But we could be in the minority. So we’re having a little poll, emphasis on the little.

There are a grand total of six shows up for the award and the competition could be stiff, but out of the other five shows, only HBOs Game of Thrones looks to pose any real threat to the AMC meth program.

To explain our supposition that the only two real contenders are Thrones and Bad, we look at the other four shows very briefly.

Downton Abbey: This PBS ITV import has a pretty firm following in the USA. But like most English television shows played on PBS, it is an acquired taste. Following the fortunes, and misfortunes, of the aristocratic Crawley family in Yorkshire. Season four begins on September 22, 2013 in the UK and January 5, 2014 in the US. Popular as the period drama is, it does not have the amount of fans that either Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones has. Episodes of the ITV import average between 11 and 12 million viewers per season.

Homeland: The Showtime spy/psychological thriller will begin its third season on September 29 this year. Another fan pleasing show, it has a powerhouse cast that includes, Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Morena Baccarin. While popular enough for the third season to get the greenlight, it still has to prove that it can continually deliver. The viewing figures for the season two premiere reached 1.7 million with the season two follow-up episode reaching 1.72 million.

House of Cards: Netflix produces this original series and won an Emmy for original online web series. A political drama with Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Kate Mara; its first season was released all at once for binge viewing. A new trend that started on Netflix recently with their original releases. Cards is the Americanization of the BBC drama of the same name. So far the Netflix original has a guaranteed two seasons. Like its cousin, Downton Abbey, Cards is also an acquired taste. Viewing figures are anyone’s guess. The “all at once” release seems to cause a problem in providing viewing figures.

Mad Men: Another AMC show, Mad Men is in its sixth season with a seventh already getting the greenlight for 2014. This award winning program has been named, by the Writers Guild of America number seven out of a list of 101 best-written television series of all time. High accolades indeed. Viewers have been calculated at around 3.5 million per episode. But this series has also seen numbers drop as the seasons increase.

If you look at viewing figures alone for Breaking Bad, a healthy 5.9 million, and Game of Thrones averaging around five million views, these two are the heavyweight contenders for the prize of Best Drama Series. Out of all the six shows competing, Thrones and Bad are neck and neck in the “addictive viewing” stakes.

Games of Thrones has the same ability to enthrall audiences as Breaking Bad, but, the Vince Gilligan meth drama is ruling the public’s imagination. We think that Breaking Bad will win Best Drama at the Emmys on Sunday September 22. It will be close perhaps, but Bad should storm through the competition like Heisenberg on a good day. What do you think? Will the clear winner be Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Take a second and vote on our poll below, so we can see what you think.

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By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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