Mass Shooting in Washington D.C. Leaves 13 Dead


In a mass shooting in our nation’s capital, 13 people have been left dead on Monday. The shooting occurred in Washington, D.C., in a U.S. Navy complex. The police shot and killed one of the shooters, and, while it’s possible the killings were the work of a lone gunman, the police are searching for another person dressed in a possible military-looking uniform. who might have also taken part in the deaths.

President Obama called the act a “cowardly” one.

Three other people were critically wounded at the Washington Naval Yard. One was a policeman. All three have been given a good prognosis for  recovery, according to hospital officials.

According to Federal law enforcement officers, the deceased gunman’s name is Aaron Alexis, 34. He was a Fort Worth, Texas, former Navy reserve officer, a petty officer third class. He served in a fleet logistics support unit.

It is believed by law enforcement officials that Alexis might have gained admittance into the Washington Naval Yard through the use of another person’s I.D. card, and he might have committed other laws previously in Texas.

In case there are other shooters involved, there has been a shutdown ordered of the Senate, and security has been tightened at the White House and the Capitol.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has not stated any potential motive for the shootings as of this time.

It is known, according to a federal official, that the shooter was employed by the Navy. While the act does not have the earmarks as being an act of terrorism, at this point, nothing is being ruled out, according to a federal official.

More information keeps coming in, and it now looks as if the shootings were the act of just one person, Alexis Aaron, rather than two or more. The other possible suspect has been identified by the police and is not believed to have taken part in the shootings.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooter fired from an upper floor down at a cafeteria. However, also a person on another floor reportedly shot at people in a hallway. It might have been the same shooter, but that is unclear at this time.

The are approximately three thousand employees who work at the Navy Yard. They maintain, build, and buy ships, submarines, and other things for the Navy.

The Navy Yard shootings join other notorious multiple shootings which involve semi-automatic weapons. This past December’s tragic shooting and deaths of 20 school children and six teachers  in Newtown, Conn., was the last one before this one.

The mass shooting of 13 in Washington, D.C., by Alexis Aaron, is still under investigation by police officials. It likely will start up a renewed call for further gun control measures.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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