Breaking Bad Finale Will Be Bloody Entertaining Ratings Success


Breaking Bad (AMC) will have it’s finale Sunday night, and it’s likely to be one of the most-watched TV episodes on cable of all time.  The episode will be titled “Felina.” What it’s about and how the episode will conclude the series has been the subject of a lot of debate. Two things are guaranteed: it will be a very, very violent and bloody end to the series, as well as a very entertaining one.

That is more than likely a given as the violence, body counts, and amount of blood-letting has been amped up from season to season and episode to episode, in part to keep up the program’s ratings and the attention of their at-home viewing audience.

How will the season, and the series, end?

I don’t have a crystal ball, nor have I seen an advance preview of the episode, but I can tell you something about some of the possible scenarios for the end of the season, and the series, which have been floating around.

Of course, it’s possible that the series’ finale won’t have much to do with any of these possibilities, or it might be some combination of one or more of them — but, for what it’s worth, I’ll mentioned some of the rumored possible conclusions for the series.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, has been cryptic in his recent comments about the finale and he’s not prone to give much away. His comments have been probably designed, for the most part, to tease the show’s viewers, and to jack up the ratings even more.

But, if you’d like to know what Gilligan has said about the final resolution of the series about a chemistry teacher turned meth drug lord, he’s said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he and everyone else associated with the series has worked to “ensure that…the very last episode — would satisfy an audience.”

Gilligan added the comment that he feels the final episode “represents on some level, however small, something of a victory for Walter White.” Now, does that necessarily mean that Walter will somehow survive the ending? Or, does it mean something else, like that all of his efforts have ensured that his family will be economically set for life, even though he has died?

As Gilligan additionally commented that the episode “may not feel like a victory. Or maybe it will,” it kind of sounds as if Walt won’t make it,  but perhaps Gilligan didn’t intend his comment to be referring to if Walter survives or not — it could be referring to something else.

Jesse is being held at Uncle Jack’s compound, so presumably  Walt will try to do something, on some level, to free his partner-in-crime. Whatever might happen in the finale, it is almost a certainty that the episode will involve some sort of confrontation at the compound and some attempt to free Jesse.

But, will Walt be successful? Will he end up freeing Jesse, but possibly getting himself critically wounded as a result? Will he ask Jesse for forgiveness, or ask his family for the same thing, at some point in the episode?

I am guessing that, if Gilligan means that Walt’s family will be set for life, Walt is going to be successful in recovering his stolen money from Uncle Jack’s compound. How he accomplishes this, though, is a different question, entirely.

Will Walt take out Jack, Todd, and the rest of Jack’s neo-Nazi gang? If he does, will it be with guns, poison, or maybe a combination of the two?

Also, assuming that Walt is able to somehow free Jesse, what will be Jesse’s reaction? Will he be grateful, or will he be angry at Walt, the person who, he might consider, has wrecked his life and any possibilities he’s eve had at happiness and love?

While there are some fans who think that it’s possible that Walt’s attempt will go seriously wrong, or bad, and that both he and Jesse will be killed in Walt’s attempt to free Jesse, personally, I doubt this will happen.

Those who do think that it will, have also theorized that Walt’s wife will then wind up in prison and/or kills herself. Walt Jr., and Holly, would be left as orphans in such a scenario.

As Gilligan stated, Walt is ultimately successful, on some level, even if both he and Jesse die, I doubt if the rest of Walt’s family will end up as badly as this possible scenario suggests might happen.

Yet another possibility that some fans have been theorizing about is that perhaps Walt will be successful in freeing Jesse, and he might think that everything is finally working out great for him and Jesse — but, then some other drug kingpin kills them both, though Walter’s family is going to be able to economically make it okay.

If this is the possible ending that happens, perhaps Lydia has ordered her henchmen to kill Walt and Jesse. It could even be that Marie, who is grieving over the death of her husband, Hank, decides to kill Walter.

One other theory that has been bandied about is that the “Felina” of the episode’s title refers to a “Felina” song mentioned in the Marty Robbins song, “El Paso.” In that song, a woman named Felina is referred to and a cowboy who is jealous shoots and kills a rival for her affection.

In this scenario, “Felina” is not an actual woman, but is a symbol for, or metaphor of, the criminal life Walt has been leading and the seductive, and addictive, kind of feeling that he gets both gaining more and more respect and also becoming very wealthy from all of the drug money he’s raking in.

However, “Felina” may just be an anagram for “finale.” It that’s the case, then the title might not have any sort of hidden meanings to it, at all.

How will Breaking Bad end? What are your guesses about the finale of the series, which will air this Sunday on AMC? What pretty much are “givens” is that “Felina” will be a monster of a ratings success and it will be bloody and entertaining; whether Walter White makes it through the episode alive, or not.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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