Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Released in Middle East Market

Samsung states they did not copy from Apple

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Seeing the raving success of the iPhone 5S Gold has prompted competitor Samsung to shine some color as well. Or maybe it was after the lead Android smartphone company witnessed iPhone 5S Gold phones selling on eBay for over $4,000. Currently, Samsung is selling the Brown Gold and Pink Gold trimmed phones in the United Arab Emirates, specifically at an unlisted price tag to attract wealthy customers.

An unnamed source who works for Samsung stated the company will begin to sell the phones in the Middle East prior to releasing to other global markets. This move by Samsung initiates cries of outrage from Apple customers. While Apple customers may feel upset by this portrayed “copy” job from Samsung, history shows a different story.

Samsung created a gold version of the D780 slider phone for the Russian Olympic Team, the phone was released in 2008 marked with the Olympics emblem. In all actuality, it is Samsung that has created gold phones previously. The newest release of the Galaxy S4 Gold is merely a delayed response from any gold predecessors. Releasing into the Middle East markets also helps to gauge the demand level on a global scale.

In addition to feeling irked by the claims of being copied, Samsung took an extra step and hit their blog to confirm they definitely created gold first, and it is Apple who is copying. They knocked out a list of their gold releases:

  • The Samsung SPH-E3200 which was a specifically made phone for the 2004 Athens Olympics. It was flip phone.
  • In 2007 Samsung unveiled the gold candy bar style Samsung Phone which was used in Brad Pitt’s flick Ocean’s 13.
  • A limited edition branded the Samsung U600 Ultra Series was a slide down phone, released also in 2007.
  • In 2008, it was the Beijing Olympic games which received a branded gold slide down phone. The phone was named the Samsung E848.
  • In 2009, Samsung released the Giorgio Armani version of the slider gold phone.
  • In 2011 the Samsung Wise Classic flip phone was released, trimmed in gold.
  • A year later the Wise 2 was released with a larger screen, it was also a flip phone.
  • In 2013 The Galaxy Golden was created for select overseas markets. It was smartphone flip phone trimmed in gold, with a dual screen. That related story is linked at the end of this article.
The Ultra 600 Series was a gold trimmed phone, Samsung released
The Ultra 600 Series was a gold trimmed phone, Samsung released

Now, Samsung has unveiled the newest touchscreen smartphone, the Galaxy S4 Gold edition. Consumers in the United Arab Emirates have enjoyed the phone since September 8th. In addition, the phone has since been released in Qatar and Kuwait.

Of course there are two items that can be pointed to as a follow-up to aggressively combat the iPhone 5S version. The phone was quickly brought out of production earlier this month and from their long line of flip and slider phones, Samsung released a full touchscreen smartphone.

The newest two gold members of the elite Samsung club still have a plastic backing which remains pretty sigh-worthy for consumers. What is interesting on the Galaxy S4 Gold editions? The information has not been confirmed, but speculation rules the gold trimming may just be real.

Vertu, a high-end smartphone manufacturer makes it money from selling phones covered in real gold, diamonds, and other very expensive jewels. The company is also notorious for doing very well financially in the Middle East market with their visually appealing phones.

Vertu has dominated the ME smartphone market with high-end real gold phones.
Vertu has dominated the ME smartphone market with high-end real gold phones.

No word has been forthcoming from Samsung to confirm the reports regarding if the gold, platinum, or rose gold used is real. Samsung decided to remain real by keeping everything under the hood with the same specs of the black/white S4 edition. The only variance is the color options expanding into the metals selection.

The Galaxy S4 Gold editions have hit overseas. The price remains hidden from the rest of the world. There are three options: Brown Gold, Rose Gold or those who love another metal–platinum is also available. The phones went on sale earlier this month for the Middle East Market. The demand and sales will determine if Samsung releases these versions to the United States or other global markets. If so, will you be waiting in line for a gold version of the Galaxy S4?

Samsung takes a dig at competitor Apple
Samsung takes a dig at competitor Apple


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