Samsung Announces Galaxy Golden Dual Screen Flip Phone

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Samsung already created waves with the Galaxy S4 mini, the soon to be announced Galaxy Note III and just released the Galaxy Mega 6.3-inch phone. Now, behold another wonder from the tech giant; flip is back and its shimmering in gold with a dual screen. The Galaxy Golden is a new way to experience a smartphone with a flip concept.

Courtesy: Samsung. The first image of the Galaxy Golden dual screen flip phone.
Courtesy: Samsung. The first image of the Galaxy Golden dual screen flip phone.

While some consumers enjoy a massive screen, such as the Mega, additional consumers miss the portability of flip phones. Melding then and now, Samsung has created a winner in the attractive body of the Galaxy Golden. Onward to what everyone wants to know- the specs!

  • Both displays are 3.7-inches with a Super AMOLED.
  • Rear camera is an impressive 8-megapixels for a flip phone and has a 1.9-megapixels front camera.
  • The battery is a stunning 1820mAh
  • Features will include an FM radio, the Samsung S Health App and will be equipped for the 4G LTE network.

The only wince worthy aspect of the Galaxy Golden is the price: $700. Certainly the specs are pretty amazing, but the price is pretty jaw dropping. Sadly, the dual screen is slated for release in South Korea and China, but no word yet on it coming to the United States. Here’s hoping it will! The phone allows a different geographic to come into play. Think of older adults who want the flip aspect with a smartphone appeal. The phone is perfect for older adults who want the larger buttons, and not the complication of the touchscreen.

Reviews from consumers are mixed. Many feel the phone is perfect for “grandpa and grandma” but would not draw big sales in the States. Others completely dislike the creation of the dual screen and seem exasperated by smartphones in general. A smaller portion of consumers seemed excited by the device, hoping it will make a future arrival in the states for purchase.

Samsung’s Korean website touted the Easy Mode available for those who are just entering the smartphone market. The keypad is formatted a bit differently, outside of other average flip phones. The buttons are super large, embedded with symbols for altering letter sizes and punctuation marks. The Galaxy Golden comes on the tail-end release of the Samsung Hennessy flip phone. The Hennessy will sell in the Chinese market. Currently, this smaller smartphone flip phone is not yet slated for release in the U.K. or U.S.

It seems in the world of smartphones, less is more for some and bigger is better for the rest. A flip smartphone is a nice in between, especially for the aging population to remain connected, with the basic simplicity of smartphone features. While the Galaxy Golden dual screen flip phone is paving a way overseas, only technological time will determine if this craze will catch on in the U.S. It seems consumers are split down the middle, but the offering of the item shouldn’t be excluded. Many consumers miss the flip and this type of phone can find a market. For too long the keyboard has been removed from smartphones. The flip aspect brings back vintage to a touch of new.

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10 Responses to "Samsung Announces Galaxy Golden Dual Screen Flip Phone"

  1. jack b :-)   October 21, 2013 at 12:44 am

    Works for me. Bring it on!

  2. izzy   September 19, 2013 at 11:19 am

    bring it to Europe and i’ll buy it, even though i have the galaxy s4 i wouldnt mind buying this one as well! I’m only 21 and in my opinion it’s very creative of samsung to design a mobile like this one and it does indeed bring back the feeling of the flip phones!

  3. john   August 26, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    total crap. wheres the full qwerty keyboard?


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