Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hysteria

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hysteria

It is a scenario that would please the fictional Walter White and his alter-ego Heisenberg, as distinguished by his black hat. Just like Heisenberg’s blue meth has become legendary amongst tweakers the world over, so has the black “pork-pie hat” worn by Walt in the show. The popularity of the program and Walt’s character has morphed into a sort of Breaking Bad Heisenberg hysteria around that villainous headgear.

The hat that Walt frequently dons on the show has been made by a haberdashery called Goorin Brothers. The company only made 1895 of the hats. The number was chosen after the company’s founding date of 1895. Customer’s were lined up outside the the Goorin Brothers hat store in New York. Among the potential Heisenberg’s wanting to get the limited edition hat, there was an 55 year-old IT worker; a 49 year-old pet hotel owner; and a classical musician.

If there were any high school chemistry teachers present in the queue of potential Heisenberg’s they did not step forward to make themselves known.

The Heisenberg hat which sells for a cool $212, made its first appearance during the San Diego Comic-Con July this year. The hat was an immediate sell out. Thursday night saw the Goorin Bros holding parties at two of their stores in celebration of the hat’s New York debut. Another of the hat stores, the Williamsburg outlet will sell the hats on Sunday.

If you look up the Heisenberg hat on the internet or, you will find that the 1940s style hat, known as the Bollman retails at $100 and is completely sold out. Go to the Goorin Bros website and you will find that the only way to get one of these hats is to physically go to a store. You will also find that only the Williamsburg Brooklyn store will have the hats available on Sunday September 15.

Apparently the men who queued up to buy the hats in New York had been looking on ebay and Amazon. Ebay had the Heisenberg headwear but for a very high price. If you look on ebay in the United Kingdom, one of the “real” hats will cost you £279 or about $418. Walter White would be proud.

Anyone watching the show will know that the lack of the blue meth has been causing problems and Todd and Uncle Jack’s product lacks the sky blue color that the customers have come to expect. With such a limited edition of the Heisenberg porkpie hats on sale, and with the New York outlet left with only three of them after putting the hats up for sale. One could expect a hat for $418 to be quite reasonable based on the supply and demand ratio combined with consumer expectation. Sort of like the show’s meth.

Other outlets sell the porkpie hat for considerably less cash but, of course, it is not tthe hat on offer by Goorin Bros which is part of the collector’s boxset. Although assuming from the lack of similar hats in the US, a reasonable facsimile will be difficult to find.

The specialized Breaking Bad boxsets also offered a “Capt Kidd” knit hat like the one that Jesse Pinkman wears and another hat inspired by the series, a baseball cap. The fictional Walter White would most likely appreciate the Heisenberg hat hysteria. He would also like the parallel of the supply and demand issue of the headwear. Jesse, on the other hand, would most likely say, “Get your own hat…B***h!”

By Michael Smith


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