Breaking Bad Recap: Will To’hajiilee be Hank’s Last Stand

Breaking Bad Recap Will To’hajiilee be Hank’s Last Stand

Last week’s slow moving precursor to this episode, Rabid Dog showed that things were coming to a head quite nicely, if not a little slowly. This week’s episode, aptly titled To’hajiilee, manages to bring things almost to full circle as Jesse points out this was where he and Walt cooked their very first batch of meth. But the cliffhanger ending of this show looks like it could be Hank’s last stand.

Last week, we already knew that Jesse was going to suggest going after Walt’s money. In one of his more astute moments, he realized that this was Walt’s achilles heel. When he “baits” the trap by calling Walt, he sets off his own destruction when his target then calls Todd’s uncle to set up Jesse’s death.

At the start of To’hajiilee, we see slightly loony Lydia interacting with Todd and company. Todd’s uncle is pushing for a deal and Lydia is pushing for the blue color, which is the meths biggest selling point overseas.

Lydia zooms in on Todd, not realizing the danger that this sociopathic young man brings to the table. While he makes it clear to her that he’ll do whatever is necessary, it is apparent that he’s taken quite a fancy to the lady.

As she leaves the meeting, Todd gets the call that Walt made last week about taking out Jesse. A brilliant moment where the two episodes “carry over” and set this week’s action up to move forward.

We have both camps masterminding the fall of the opposition. Hank uses a staged photo of Jesse apparently with his brains blown out to trick Huell into setting Walt up. Walt uses Brock as bait again, by visiting him and his mother, Andrea. The parallel manipulations lead up to the last stand scenario for Hank at To’hajiilee Indian Reservation.

But before Walt goes to see Andrea, he has the meeting with Todd’s white supremacist uncle Jack. After ascertaining that Jesse was not a “rat” his fate was sealed.

Walt gets Andrea to give Jesse a call and she leaves a message on his Hello Kitty voicemail. During the exchange with Andrea and Brock, the youngster does not even want to look at Walt, let alone talk to him. Proof that kids and animals can sense bad people. It works brilliantly in the scene.

After getting Huell to sing, Hank uses his photo magic again, but this time to set Walt up. Jesse uses Hank’s picture of a buried barrel of money as proof that he’s found Walt’s own buried booty and he’s going to burn it up unless Walt gets there in a hurry.

But just before Jesse’s call, we see the entire White family down at the carwash. Walt Jr was helping out behind the till and baby Holly is in the office with Walt. Saul Goodman comes in to get his car cleaned. After Walt Jr tells Saul that he loves his commercials, Saul and Walt talk outside. Goodman reveals that Huell is missing in action and he thinks Jesse has killed him.

It is perhaps this knowledge that helps Walt to panic when he thinks his money has been discovered. After he arrives at the location, he finds no one there and after seeing the dust of an approaching vehicle realizes that Jesse has set him up.

Calling Todd’s Uncle Jack, Walt gives him the coordinates to the location. While on the phone, he sees his brother-in-law Hank and agent Gomez with Jesse and calls Jack off.

After Walt “surrenders” to Hank, gets cuffed and put in the back of his SUV when Jack, Todd and the gang show up. After a tense standoff, the very outgunned Hank and Gomez wind up trading shots and taking cover behind Hank’s SUV.

The episode ends with Walter, glasses knocked off, huddling on the floor of the SUV and Jesse apparently thinking of running from Walt’s car. By the end of this episode, Walt has lost his Heisenberg persona almost completely. But the dangling ending makes it seem like Hank and Gomez have wound up in their own last stand at To’hajiilee.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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