South Africa: Taxi Driver Shot and Wounded

South Africa" Taxi Drivers shot and wounded a manOn Monday morning around 7 AM, a 28-year-old man who was considered to be a taxi driver, was shot and wounded during a disagreement in Diepsloot, according to Warrant Agent Daniel Mavimbela.

Warrant Agent Daniel Mavimbela has said “We suppose that this incident is related to the taxi drivers’ protest, which left hundreds of Diepsloot commuters stuck this morning.”

It is said that the man was standing around with fellow taxi drivers when a Mercedes-Benz came past. A disagreement broke out between the taxi drivers and the inhabitants of the vehicle, one of whom opened blaze, hitting him in the lower part of his body.

The Paramedics arrived on the scene of the shooting and stabilized the man immediately, before he was taken to a hospital in the area.

The South African Police Department (SAPD) will open a case for attempted murder and further investigation will be put in place.

People  who rely on taxi’s, got left stranded on the side of the roads, as they thought they will be able to catch their taxi’s to work, as taxi drivers decided to go on a protest on Monday Morning, in the Northern parts of Johannesburg, Diepsloot, agents said.

The taxi drivers went on protest as they were  demanding that they must be their own sole proprietors in the taxi industry, and not to report to anyone, said Deputy Secretary-General Bafana Magagula from the SA Nationwide Cab Assembly (Santaco).

Late Monday afternoon he said, “It is not clear if the protest have ended. The last time update I have received, is that the taxis has not been functional all day.”

The members of Santaco’s executives and Randburg United and Long Expanse Cab Association (RULECA), were in negotiations, under which Diepsloot taxi drivers fall, said Magagula.

“The executive (Ruleca) is doing their best to make sure that the protest ends soon, so that people who is reliable of taxi’s to get to their destinations, can get back into their normal routines,” he said.

“We as a nationwide body are pushing Rulldta’s boss to convince the drivers to get back to work while the issue gets addressed,” said Magagula.

“We would like to acknowledge to our customers for any inconvenience initiated by this matter.”

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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