Aaron Paul Obamacare Cameo on Saturday Night Live

Aaron Paul Obamacare Cameo on SNL

The Saturday Night Live season premiere did it’s bit to help hype the finale of Breaking Bad that will air tonight. They included Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman in the show, to participate in an Obamacare cameo on the show’s opening night.

SNL alumnus and ex chief writer of the show Tina Fey opened the new season’s premiere and keeping with the shows topical focus, Paul came on the show as Jesse Pinkman, yo.

Jesse is Walter White’s partner in crime and an ex student of the meth kingpin and former chemistry teacher. In the AMC award winning show, Paul’s character has been kept prisoner by Todd and his uncle Jack’s Aryan gang and is forced to make meth for them. Tonight will see the end of Breaking Bad and speculaton about how the show will end is taking over the internet.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul performing a brief cameo in the SNL Obamacare skit follows a long tradition of the comedy show’s picking the hottest current events to use in their program.

In the show’s opening skit, President Obama, portrayed by Jay Pharoah, is trying to convince Americans to get behind his Affordable Health Care Act. Pinkman and a group of other people are attempting to help “the president” prove his point about the necessity of the new health care program.

When it becomes Jesse Pinkman’s turn to bolster the health care initiative, he tells about how his friend has been force to sell meth in order to afford his cancer treatment. Paul, as Pinkman, goes on to talk about this friend who really could have used the new coverage when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Paul then gets interrupted by President Obama who helpfully explains that Pinkman’s pal was a teacher who had a family. “Pinkman” continued with the lines that his friend did what anyone would do in his situation. He explains that it wasn’t just cooking meth, that pretty soon it “was murder” and not even normal murder. His friend, says Jesse, blew half of a man’s face off.

President Obama realises that Paul’s testimony isn’t really what he needs to support his program and he tries to get “Pinkman” away from his proceedings. Jesse tries to finish his testimonial and asks the “president” if he doesn’t want to hear what happened to his meth cooking pal.

The president shakes his head and says no while the audience also shout Paul’s character down. Then other actors join the two on the stage and help to shut him up.

With Breaking Bad ending tonight after five seasons, fans of the show are desperate to learn what happens to Walter White, Jesse Pinkman’s friend and ex-partner in the meth business. Stars from the popular AMC show have appeared on other television shows to spoof Breaking Bad and their characters on the show.

Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul getting to portray Jesse Pinkman on Saturday Night Live in the Obamacare cameo was the perfect way to show how excited America is to see the final episode tonight. The Breaking Bad finale, like last week’s penultimate episode will be 15 minutes longer. While “President Obama” did not want to know more about Pinkman’s meth cooking friend, the rest of the world cannot wait.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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