Britney Spears Remembering Her First Kiss

Britney Spears Remembering Her First Kiss

The big news relayed to the nation via Good Morning America on September 17 was Britney Spears announcing her two year residency in Las Vegas. The official confirmation that the singer’s negotiations with Planet Hollywood had come to a satisfactory end. But Spears also did a little prompted reminiscing as well as remembering her first kiss.

The 31 year-old mother of two took a walk down memory lane and she spoke honestly about the two ex-fellows in her life, Justin Timberlake and Jason Trawick. Sam Champion did a short recap of Britney’s life since Star Search 1992, when Spears was eight. And they also talked about what the shows would be like at Planet Hollywood and if she was ready.

Sam asked her about her life while she was working on her latest album, the eighth studio album for the star which will drop later this year on December 3. Britney revealed that working on the album was tough as she had split from Jason Trawick after their 13 month engagement. She said a lot of what she went through wound up in her album. She admitted that the end of the relationship was painful.

She also agreed with Sam that breakups, “suck man.”

Champion then asked Spears if they could do a lightning round of questions. The first one asked was about Spears’ first kiss and at what age it occurred. Britney squealed and leaning forward answered that she was about 13 and that fellow Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake was the one she locked lips with.

It was obviously a sign of things to come as the two became an item later and dated from 1999 until they broke up in 2002. The breakup was fairly well publicized with Justin cast as the wronged party. Britney Spears was slightly embarrassed about remembering her first kiss, but she did seem pleased at this trip to her past.

Britney also talked about Miley Cyrus at the beginning of the interview and defended Miley’s performance on the MTV Video Music Award show. Spears said that Miley was having fun and that she’d done nothing wrong. Of course the news that Spears will be appearing in the MTV Cyrus documentary, may have a little something to do with all that “support.”

Spears told Champion that she never intended to perform for this long. She revealed that her initial plan had been to earn enough to buy a nice house in Louisiana and raise children. But she explained that she was still excited to be working and that she really enjoyed what she did. She told Sam that she felt “blessed” to be able to keep performing.

Somewhat disappointingly she did not mention her recent collaborative effort with Miley Cyrus or drop any hints about what her role would be in the MTV Miley Cyrus documentary. But pictures have been leaked that point to Spears actively participating in the project. But her fans will be pleased no matter what she does in the program.

Britney Spears will make Planet Hollywood her performing base for the next two years. She is dating lawyer David Lucado and it looks like she and her two sons are going to be happy in Las Vegas. It would be interesting to find out what fellow Mickey Mouse Club colleague Justin Timberlake thought about Britney remembering her first kiss.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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