I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding Season Premiere [video]

The Remix

The RemixNeNe and Gregg Leakes remarried in June 2013 after their on air separation three years ago. NeNe drew attention to herself as the loud and outspoken diva on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe instantly became face of RHOA.

The world had the opportunity to watch her and Gregg go through a nasty divorce during the taping of the reality TV show and will now have the same opportunity to watch the remix. The Bravo network decided to create a spin off show for NeNe entitled I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. Season one of the spin off starts right after their re-engagement and will culminate after the wedding ceremony.

Nene and Gregg were originally married in 1997 but dissolved the marriage in 2010. It seemed that the fans were always routing for them and in December 2012 they got engaged all over again.

This time is much different; they now have the issues of trust, money, career and all that goes with Hollywood.

Originally they fell in love, got married, created a blended family, had another child and decided to live happily ever after. They were married for 15 years and over the years their love deepened, the bond strengthened and all of a sudden the feeling of marital satisfaction drifted off course.

What these two quickly learned is marriage takes skill and consistent attention. This is the only way it will thrive; if left to itself it will wilt away and die. Every couple has to work hard to improve and maintain their relationship. Simply believing the good times will keeping rolling in without any effort is a set-up for total disappointment.

The reality is all marriages have problems and experience conflict; the Hollywood lifestyle has the distinct ability to increase the strain of any relationship. Among the most common problems in a union are these:

  • Money: There is generally a conflict when people have different spending habits. Often when it comes to celebrities the discussion of a prenuptial comes into play. The question of when and how to invest funds is important and then ways to protect the rest.
  • Sex: Generally sex drives differ; one partner may want it more than the other and on different terms. These things need to be discussed and worked out, even if a schedule is required to keep them active.
  • Work: Partners may have different ideas as it relates to career choices. One partner may have a career that requires them to be out of the home periodically and the other has to step up and fill in the gap. When children are involved it can become especially difficult.
  • Children: Many times couples disagree about the methods used to raise and discipline children. These things must be discussed whether it’s a blended family or the two are building a family. It’s dangerous to wait until the union takes place before that conversation happens.

These problems don’t have to lead to marital meltdown if couples can talk about them constructively with each other. At the end of the day marriage is partnership. Both partners have to be active participants in order to reach that Golden Anniversary and beyond.

As the fans can see on the show; NeNe and Gregg started to bond and re-establish their connection, they laugh but they also experience conflict. However, as long as they keep the reason they fell in love in the forefront they will be just fine.

Even though it’s starting off a little rocky they are both hoping the second time will be a charm. They each have some kinks to work out but the ultimate goal is to remarry and stay married this time.

Marriage is a job, it takes work, commitment, trust, and wisdom to make it last. Each partner has important needs in a marriage and those needs must be met.

Tuesday, September 17 is the season premiere and anyone that is a true fan already knows the short term outcome. Regardless of what tomorrow holds for this couple today they are remarried and enjoying life.

The show, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding will air on Tuesday evenings on the Bravo network. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Leakes!



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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