Burger King Has ‘Satisfries’

New Burger King Fries

What? Yes, the fast food franchise has a new product for sale. Burger King has “Satisfries” as the name for their new product. This. of course, is a healthier french fry. Burger King has developed french fries that have 40% less fat and 30% less calories than their arch rival, McDonalds.

Americans love their french fries and order them in abundance. One of two customers orders fries when buying fast food at Burger King. That is 56 million orders a month. French fries are big business!

Obesity in America is a huge problem that is getting bigger as a third of us are overweight. Diseases which stem from obesity are type-2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Face it, the heart doesn’t like pumping the blood through more arterioles in the vascular system than it has to.

So as Americans watch their weight and calories, yet crave the occasional fried and fatty food, this may make them feel better when they have a container of fries with their burger or chicken sandwich.

The FTC tried in 2011 to get the food and beverage industry, the makers, to start voluntary measures when it came to marketing, especially towards kids. Even Michelle Obama, the first lady, urges our children to eat healthy and get moving. She herself is trim and a great role model, even doing push ups on the air.

Burger King, the second largest hamburger fast food franchise, now as of Tuesday has “Satisfries,” 270 calories in a small order compared to 340 calories previously. They will fry them the same and in the same amount of time. They’ve changed the batter proportion so it resists oil absorption.

Don’t let the size confuse you as S, M,  or L are different at different chains. For example a small size at McDonald’s has less calories because it has less weight. The closest in weight of the two giants compares calories at 190 for Burger King and 230 at McDonald’s.

Burger King has changed ownership and is trying to renew itself through the menu and advertising campaigns. The price of Burger King stock has risen over 35% and they are hoping the new french fries will be so popular the customer will pay the 19% increase in price.

Is this the breakthrough that people will want? Is this “Satisfry” what Americans and the world need for their waistlines? Let us not forget about their overworked heart.

CEO Daniel Schwartz, a 32-year-old from 3G Capital is in charge of this Miami-based giant. This big move to bring a favorite item, though still fried, into the healthier arena is what they are hoping for. Will the consumer buy Burger King’s new “satisfry?” We’ll see, today.

By Caroline Clemens

Chicago Tribune

ABC News.com



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