Manchester City Poured Sunday Blues on Man Utd

Manchester City Poured Sunday Blues on Man UtdManchester City unfurled their dominance over Manchester United as they defeated the red devils 4-1 today at the Manchester derby. Manchester City proved their efficiency with this win against arch rivals Man Utd, who once denounced the city as “Noisy Neighbors.” Manchester got trimmed in sky blue flags, scarves and ribbons as Etihad Stadium experienced humble red devils against fierce Man City. Manchester City truly poured Sunday blues on Manchester United, giving their supporters a most atrocious heartbreak.

In recent times, since City’s growing up as a big one, they have never ceased to surprise Man Utd with their new signings. They’ve out coined United a number of time,s either in EPL or other championships. No one forgot their shameless today, they effortlessly outdid opponents by their clever golden eagles. Goals from Sergio aguero, Samir Nasri and Yaya Toure took City over a colossal height within 50 minutes as they proceeded 4-0. Sergio Aguero first opened the goal-line with a strong shot at 16th minute and then Yaya Toure increased the difference just before half time. Then Aguero, the Argentine, made another strike while Samir Nasri pinned the last throne on the coffin.

The dominance of Manchester city once puzzled the United defense so earnestly that they got involved in a spat among themselves. TV cameras showed enraged Vidic telling something to disheartened Valencia as he couldn’t defend Aguero during the first goal. It took almost 42 minutes for United to make a first attempt on the net. Wayne Rooney’s free kick goal on 87th minute was nothing more than a consolation for red devils. The players didn’t even rejoice after the goal. After the goal, for the first time United showed some effort to increase the scoreline. Man Utd had some half or quarter chances dismissed by City keeper Joe Hart, while City’s Edin Dzeko missed a clear chance for a goal during the last few minutes.

The football world was waiting impatiently for the match. Manchester City poured Sunday blues on Man Utd. But the Manchester derby ceased to mesmerize the viewers. It was clearly a one sided game from the beginning. It was a really jovial match for City supporters and a disappointment for others. But the way Man Utd got tamed by Man City, is very embarrassing. Once again, Manchester United got stumped to a mighty opponent. In recent times we’ve seen again and again, Man Utd being defeated by loud opponents. Their players do score goals against submissive teams; as the footballers Man Utd are better than those teams, they manage to win the matches and even the EPL trophy. But the real picture of Man Utd is deteriorating quite quickly.

While it was the signature victory, City really needed to kick-start the Manuel Pellegrini era.  United will be reeling after being embarrassed at times by its neighbor just when the team appeared to have clicked under new manager David Moyes.

Slowly Sergio Aguero is becoming the touchwood of man city. Today he made brace with two super excellent goals. Still some supporters think he single-handedly made City EPL champion in 2011-12. Still now, he keeps on trying to net goals. The blue giants are developing as a team. If Chelsea has the blue blood of football, they will bleed sky blue to be the best team in the English Premiere League.

Sergio Aguero won over Wayne Rooney, Manuel Pellegrini and won over David Moyes.  Sky blue won over reds and of course new blood won over the old traditions of Old trafford. And most beautifully, Manchester City poured Sunday blues on Manchester United giving us a flashback of City’s 6-1 win over Man Utd on 2011. Simply, Man Utd was not good enough to beat city.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul


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