Mars One: Craziest Application Videos

Mars One Crazy application videos

The Mars One applications have been piling in, thick and fast. With over 200,000 submissions, the Dutch-based company must be getting pretty bored with having to laboriously sift through some of the more mundane applications. Here, we compile a list of the craziest and most creative applications submitted, thus far.

Mars One Mission

First of all, for those of you who have been trapped in a hermetically-sealed bubble for the past few months, Mars One is a venture that plans to put a colony of volunteers on the illustrious Red Planet, by 2023. Whilst the application process is already well underway, the Mars One team are currently negotiating contracts with various suppliers of aerospace components, from across the globe.

The team plans to launch an orbital communications satellite device by as early as 2016. Thereafter, a couple of rovers will begin laying the groundwork, finding and preparing a suitable location that has an abundance of solar energy and water. Various cargo deployments will then be made in 2020, consisting of Living Units, Life Support Systems and Supply Units, with the outpost expected to be fully operational by 2021.

Meet the Applicants

Some of the applicants recently convened in Washington, D.C. at a convention entitled the “Million Martian Meeting.” Four panelists were quizzed on their reason for signing up to the Mars One program by audience Million Martian Meeting was held in Washington DCmembers, who also primarily consisted of Mars One applicants.

The candidate selection criteria the Mars One organizers are applying remains a mystery, as things currently stand. As a small part of the overall process, participants were asked to sign up and submit a video, briefly answering some basic questions. Candidates were asked to identify themselves, explain their reasons for wanting to travel to Mars, and describe their sense of humor.

But, with over 200,000 submissions, who should be picked? We take a look at some of the best and craziest application videos.

First up, we take a look at a video from Mike, who lives in Washington, D.C. Mike wins the award for the most professional video submission, delivering an upbeat performance with the most heart-warming of smiles. As Mike blitzes through a series of imaginative backdrops, armed with props and costumes, he explains he is “no clown,” but knows when to not take himself too seriously. Mike claims he is well qualified for the part, loves science, and yearns to learn more about Mars.

Next, we take a look at Melissa Ede from Hull, England. Melissa claims she is the sort of girl who likes to be different. She is interested in fashion, socializing, learning new things and promoting diversity. For her video, she created a short ode to share with the world.

Olga, on the other hand, commences her video with very different flair. She starts off, shrouded in darkness, like a scene from the Blair Witch Project; the 31-year-old Russian claims to be at the mercy of her husband, pretending she is being dispatched to Mars against her will. Eventually, Olga simmers down and begins to describe herself, as the theme tune to the Olympics begins to reach a crescendo in the background.

One of my personal favorites is Granville, aged 19. He describes himself as a good listener, with fast reflexes, who is the type of person to remain calm under pressure. He also has a number of deep and passionate interests, relating to “science, space exploration [and] futurology,” to name but a few.

Despite fully acknowledging he is not the best candidate for the mission, at one point, Granville seems to attempt to establish a psychic link with the Mars One team, in a bid to convince them of his suitability for the program.

From the unusual to the downright perplexing, we take a look at Henri. Although Henri doesn’t say a great deal during his video submission, he claims to have never experienced many of that things that a “typical” person takes for granted. He claims he is a vegetarian and a teetotaler, who has yet to land his first kiss.

Next is the “Jackie Chan of all trades,” Afurahå. Is his submission statement, Afurahå claims to have spent a “… lifetime unearthing language secrets…” With this particular video, however, I will allow the footage to speak for itself.

Finally, Kitty Kane (aged 23) expresses her undying desire to visit the Red Planet. She briefly talks about pilfering furniture from the side of the road, and consuming food from pouches. From a point of personal preference, I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the Star Wars “Cantina Band” music.

Alas, the submission deadline has been and gone. However, those who did apply might be provided a platform with which to express more of their views in the future. The Mars One website highlights the various phases contestants must pass through, in order to form the first colony on Mars. This could include something akin to American Idol, where the participants must compete in front of a live audience to secure their position. It is thought that this approach could also generate more revenue from potential sponsors.

This list, of some of the craziest application videos, provides an interesting insight into some of the interesting characters that we may witness during the future trials of the Mars One application process. As the intrepid space hopefuls move into the next rounds of training and reality TV, we wish them all the best of luck.

By: James Fenner (Op-Ed)

Mars One Applicants

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  1. montra--trimek--pig--thailand   April 11, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    why ? i want go to mars because ? I love travel and enterprise-< project mars one ?

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  4. Rickstar   September 29, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    I enjoyed the article,many thanx James.
    I believe that IF Mars-One locate the base within “Rover-Range”(5-10km’s)of some Martian caves,that our best chance for finding Martian microbes(alive or dead),will be along the floors/gutters,at the base of the Martian cave walls,or perhaps just 1-2 feet below the surface of these cave “gutters”.The crew need to go 10-20 meters,into the cave,to avoid radiation,themselves,& this is where the microbes can avoid radiation also.
    We find many species of microbes,living happily,in cave “gutters”,on earth,with no sunlight,& the water,(that was,& may still be,in Summer)running down the Martian cave walls will pick up ample minerals for Microbial survival,as the Martian soil has been found to contain all that is needed,from the Rovers analysis:-)
    Godspeed Mars-One.

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    thank you for sharing my mars application video. I f you would like to know more on me please go to my website


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