Daniel Radcliffe Almost Trampled by Harry Potter Fans in Bathroom

Daniel Radcliffe Almost Trampled by Harry Potter Fans in Bathroom

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was almost trampled by fans while he was in the bathroom at the Venice Film Festival on Sunday. He had come to the Italian film festival to promote his newest film Kill Your Darlings and was in danger of being injured by the mob of fans at the event.

When the 24 year-old Harry Potter star arrived on the red carpet at the event, fans stampeded over the barricades. The stars are meant to be protected from overzealous fans by the barricades, but overexcited fans swarmed over them to surround the young actor.

Daniel escaped any potential injury due to the quick actions of the police and bodyguards who rushed to his aid. The Kill Your Darlings star never batted an eyelid as he continued calmly up the red carpet to the film premiere.

But the excitable fans did not just want to get close to Daniel on the red carpet. A large amount of them managed later to push past the police and bodyguards to almost trample the Harry Potter star while he was using the bathroom.

But Daniel is used to all this attention by now. He has been the object of fascination from movie audiences ever since he starred in the first Harry Potter film. Radcliffe was completely nonplussed by the incident and laughed the whole thing off.

Radcliffe explained that he had been dealing with overzealous fans since the age of 11. Daniel then said: “I don’t take it seriously, actually I think it’s funny.” The Harry Potter star may not have been quite so amused if he actually had been trampled in the bathroom.

Since the films about the boy wizard have finished Daniel has been spreading his acting wings and pursued parts that have taken him away from the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. In 2012 he starred in the supernatural chiller The Woman in Black. He also provided the voice of the Mullet Kid and Thomas the Tank engine for television’s Robot Chicken.

As well as his voice over work, he’s been appearing in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, which is a series on Sky television. After already tackling more challenging and adult roles on the stage, Daniel is making the move to more “grown-up roles” in film.

In Kill Your Darlings he plays American poet Allen Ginsberg who was a leading figure in the 1950s Beat Generation. The film deals with such issues as homosexuality and drug use. About his role as Ginsberg, Daniel said, “I love poetry and it was fantastic to get the part and have the opportunity to dive into Ginsberg’s life.”

Radcliffe also said that reading Ginsberg’s diaries as a young man helped him to understand the poet more and gave him valuable insight into what drove him. He also mentioned his gratitude for his fans support. He feels that they are excited by the path he has chosen as part of his career.

But about those screaming fans who assailed him both on the red carpet and the bathroom, he said that, “Thankfully, it isn’t always like this.”

Despite the fact that there were so many fans that they “rattled the windows” Daniel Radcliffe was pleased by their support. The Harry Potter star may have almost been trampled in the bathroom, but he still appreciates his fans excitement.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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