Deep Lake May Hold Answers to Mystery of Missing Teenagers

car out of lake

It has been over forty years, but the small town of Foss, Oklahoma never got over the mystery of a group of teenagers who went missing in 1970. The three  of them were on their way to a football game at their local high school, however they never arrived at their destination.

Now after all these years, Oklahoma police think they might have come up with what happened that faithful night. Several divers doing a training drill came upon a car, deep in a muddy lake. It had skeletal remains located inside.

The searchers also found another vehicle containing bone fragments, which caused police investigators to begin opening cold case files to see if any might fit with the second gruesome discovery. Both automobiles were located very close to a marina but the lake is so deep, it could have withheld answers forever, not allowing any mystery be solved, much less the one of the three teenagers.

One officer involved with the case, Patrol spokesperson Betsy Randolph, feels sure part of the mystery, at least, has been solved, stating the three teenagers who disappeared in 1970 were inside a Chevrolet Camaro, which  matches the description of one of the vehicles in the lake. The other car is from the early 1950’s and is believed to be a Chevrolet of some sort.

Randolph thought at first the cars would turn out to be stolen, but “that’s not what it turned out to be, obviously,” she has been  quoted as saying. The search continues for any other possible body part or clue which could help solve the two cases, which are believed to be unrelated at this time.

Where the second car came from is much less clear. Nevertheless, for the unfortunate individuals inside, the outcome was the same. Three people are believed to have also went missing, but a year earlier in 1969 and it is believed they were inside this automobile.

The sheriff investigating, stated he was not sure if the two cars in total held five or six people’ remains, but the Oklahoma state medical examiner’s office reported the bodies of six people being discovered. The parts of the individuals that were found were sent to the examiner for proper identification, if at all possible, and to identify the cause of death.

What is so strange about these two fatal events is how within the span of one year, they occurred and six individuals basically dropped off the face of the earth. The accidents happened in practically the same spot, each time three people disappearing, and nothing was done about it. The town would still be carrying this secret today if not for the diving team and their exercise.

Nevertheless, one positive in this baffling, bizarre coincidence any mystery  is the authorities are hopeful with all the bodies being found, the discoveries will offer some relief to the anguished relatives who have went for nearly four decades wanting to know what happened to their missing family members.

Maybe the mystery of the deep lake is finally over and all the familes will have the answers they have so desperately searched for.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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  1. Mark Bowe   September 18, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    It begs the question of how many other cars are laying at the bottom of some body of water with bodies inside? Two cars just feet apart….what’s the odds? Is it more common than one would think


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