Democratic Party Official Resigns Over Tweet

Democratic Party Official Fired

A Democratic Party official in Sacramento County has resigned over an inappropriate tweet that he posted, according to The Sacramento Bee.

On Friday, after House Republicans voted to remove funding the from President’s signature piece of legislation, The Affordable Care Act, things got heated on Twitter.  The brouhaha occurred after Amanda Carpenter, a speechwriter for Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, tweeted out a message urging Republicans to keep fighting the legislation.  Allan Brauer, communications chair for the Democratic Party in Sacramento then made the unfortunate choice to respond with the following:

Allan Brauer's Tweet

Brauer’s comments raised the ire of several Twitter users and the exchange eventually made its way to the conservative websites the National Review and the Drudge Report.

When asked to make a statement about the tweet to The Bee, Sue Blake, the chair of the Sacramento County Republican Party declared the tweet to be an ‘utterly unacceptable tone in partisan discourse,” adding that she hoped that the Sacramento Democratic Party would distance itself from these kinds of attacks on women.

Brauer did eventually apologize to Carpenter for his remarks and Carpenter accepted, but this was not enough to save Brauer’s job.  The Democratic Party has asked for and accepted the official’s resignation over the offensive tweet.

Written by:  Nancy Schimelpfening

The Sacramento Bee

One Response to "Democratic Party Official Resigns Over Tweet"

  1. lilia   September 22, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    I wonder if they all start acting as hateful and childish if they do not get their way?
    Both parties are guilty of behaving badly over legislation and none of which has actually bettered the lives of the citizens.
    All their time and energy has been put into sweetheart deals and added pork for the lobbyists, or equally damning pieces of legislation to keep up this whole atmosphere of ” being friends ” with other countries.
    After reading some stories about people whose insurance skyrocketed because ofThe “Affordable” Care Act, I am convinced that is all it is, an act.
    But to wish all manner of ill will on someone’s children….how big of a shameless buffoon must you be? And on a public forum no less!
    Speaks volumes for your higher ups in my eyes. They must be the biggest buffoons alive.


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