Duck Dynasty Family Helps Miley Cyrus

Duck Dynasty Family Helps Miley CyrusDuck Dynasty has become the talk of the nation, and with its new season getting underway, the public can have a lot to look forward to from the Robertson family. Now, the cast members of Duck Dynasty are attempting to help Miley Cyrus- by praying for her. 16 year old Sadie Robertson, daughter of Willie, recently hit the runway at Ney York’s Fashion Week, and the entire family came out to show their support. In speaking with the press, Sadie indicated that the whole Duck Dynasty family is worried about Miley Cyrus, especially after Cyrus’ display at the recent VMS Awards.

Sadie explained that her family knows that sometimes, making a living in the entertainment industry can be very stressful. “My family has been praying for her (Miley Cyrus’) family. We feel very bad for her because we know how entertainment can get wrapped up in your head. We try to stay strong as a family. We just pray that their family comes back together,” Sadie said.

The Robertson family has been very open about their conservative Christian values on their show, Duck Dynasty. Different family members have been traveling around the country giving speeches against abortion and encouraging the spread of religion. Patriarch Phil Robertson recently penned a book about his life before being “born again,” in which he describes giving up a hard-partying life of drugs for the calm and wholesome existence he lives now. He has raised the Robertson children with these same religious values, so it isn’t difficult to imagine why Miley Cyrus’ performance may have seemed quite shocking to the Duck Dynasty clan.

Sadie specifically brought up the issue of “twerking” and said that’s something she would never consider doing in public. However, she added that while she would not twerk in front of people, “It is not modest to me but for the girls out there that do, it’s their decision.”

Her father Willie said that times are very different now than they used to be and sometimes he feels the best thing to do is to “put it in the Lord’s hands” when it comes to resolving tough issues.

Cyrus was the subject of much harsh criticism after her performance on the VMA awards. During that performance, she repeatedly stuck out her tongue in a bizarre manner, engaged in a lot of twerking, rubbed at her genital region with an oversized foam finger and did some grinding on the crotch of singer Robin Thicke. Shortly after her performance, her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, was reported as saying that he was thinking of breaking up with Cyrus because of his extreme embarrassment over her actions during the awards show.

Sadie Robertson and Miley Cyrus could not be more different, at least from all outward appearances. Sadie recently purchased a prom gown that was “Daddy-approved length.” Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’ father Billy Ray would be happy to see his little girl with just a shred of clothing on, most likely. Miley Cyrus appears nude and simulates oral sex in her latest video, “Wrecking Ball.”

The Duck Dynasty family mentioning Miley Cyrus in the media helps her by getting her name out to Duck Dynasty fans, who might not necessarily be the same people who currently buy Miley’s albums. Could a crossover episode of Duck Dynasty starring Miley Cyrus be in the works? Perhaps Sadie could lend Miley some decent clothing for once. Stay tuned!

By: Rebecca Savastio


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2 Responses to "Duck Dynasty Family Helps Miley Cyrus"

  1. mary   September 24, 2013 at 5:48 am

    If it was not for the Duck Dynasty show, there would not be a single thing on television that does not promote sex, violence, sex, rudeness, sex, and stupidity. Every channel; every hour. The Robertson’s have brought their children up to stay strong in their faith, in the midst of the genuine trouble this country is facing as a whole. God bless Sadie for her. kindness and understanding of a fellow human, instead of the usual hypocrisy that comes easier to many Christians these days. Miley went overboard on disgusting behavior, and for me as a mom, I have found it hard to forgive until being reminded by Sadie Robertson of what it means to ACT like a Christian, not just “be” one.

  2. Steven Shaheen   September 16, 2013 at 12:09 am

    I’m grateful that the Robertson family is praying for Miss Cyrus. The US. is continuing to approve of these kids to do whatever they want on stage and it is ruining this country little by little. I hope that the Duck Dynasty crew will have Miss Cyrus on one of there shows to show her what living really is.

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