Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?


 Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?

Bones were on display protruding out from under designer gowns suggesting that the skeleton look has become the new skinny at the 2013 Emmy Awards. At this year’s Emmys, the stars appear to be starving themselves to fit into those oh so glamorous designer gowns.

 Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?

Modern Family Julie Bowen stepped onto the red carpet in a light pink Zac Posen gown. Her distinctly sharp collar bones distracted attention away from the gown’s eloquent trumpet-shaped contour and fans weren’t exactly impressed with svelte-like appearance. Bowen admitted to starving her self for this year’s Emmys just so she could get into her gown. How things have changed as at the Emmys two years ago, the actress announced she wanted to look more feminine and curvy.

Bowen was nominated in this year’s Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and on the roster along with fellow-actors for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Tweets favored a more negative response to her appearance where one Tweeter tweeted “Nice message about body language.”

 Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?

Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad also set off some disturbing stares on the red carpet. Not only did eyes widen at Gunn’s glamorous black and white Romona Kereza gown, the frail and skinny figure is what drew audience attention and made pupils and paparazzi cameras alike pop.

A Breaking Bad fan negatively made reference to Skyler White. Skyler is Gunn’s character in the show who could be possibly considered the most hated woman on television, and this year won Gunn an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series–the actress’ first Emmy ever!

Comments about Gunn’s figure included that the actress looked so skinny she needed to quit meth. Another concerned fan wrote “Whoa, Anna Gunn is so skinny…what happened?”

What happened is that being Emmy Award skinny is to be skeletal thin.

 Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?

Claire Danes, who won an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for Showtime series Homeland also took the stage for being pale and thin. It is even tougher to believe that her skeletal frame gave birth nine months prior to a healthy, strapping baby boy. Ow that had to have hurt!

It wasn’t the newly cute, short bobbed hairstyle or the flesh-colored Armani Prive gown that changed the actress’ Emmy looks. But  it was her chest and back bones that caged everyone’s memory.

 Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?

Up next is Guiliana Rancic, who was one of the first to arrive at the award ceremonies. Imagine that! Although not ever having been Emmy nominated, the television personality won hands down for being the thinnest pin of all. With not much curve to her form-hugging, beautifully designed Mikeal D strapless gown, her emaciated look made one telecast viewer tweet out the TV personality’s need for a filling meal. Other Tweeters jumped on to tweeting the star with suggestions that the rail-thin Rancic eat ice cream. “Eat anything!”

Guiliana also recently gave birth last year suggesting that along with being able to fit into an Emmy gown, having a baby could be Hollywood’s latest trend in skeletal weight loss.

Not only did the severe look of these targeted actresses stand out, radar on other actresses at the Emmys with itty-bitty bodies did not go unnoticed.

Rose Byrne and Tina Fey were tagged as being overly thin and it would behoove them to pack on a few pounds. “Eat something!” one tweeted. “There is too much starvation walking down the red carpet.”

It is not so much blame on the Emmy Awards as the reason that the actresses are starving themselves. It is about the designer dresses that keep Hollywood so skeletal, or so says style expert Michael Cohen.

The fashion this season depicts many bone-showing gowns, a trend the dressing-up of celebrities is known for. And in order to stuff their bodies into the glamorous, can’t breath once you get in gowns of the evening, actresses are under pressure to literally starve themselves skeletally.

Television will add 20 pounds to an actor’s appearance. When shaving off the extra weight to adapt to what is expected of a movie star, their rail-thin forms translate to an even thinner look when hitting the red carpet.

The skinny this year at the 2013 Emmy Award ceremonies is not about just the gowns, but about the skeletal appearance wearing the designer frocks. Skeletally skinny is the  element in the Emmy Awards that viewers or media alike can’t wait to pick apart.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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3 Responses to "Emmy Award Thin – Is Skeleton the New Skinny?"

  1. Karen   September 25, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    She was also recovering from breast cancer SOS surrogate was her only option.

  2. Nomi   September 23, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Anna Gunn, who is usually quite thin, was viciously criticized for gaining weight in season 4 of Breaking Bad. Now she’s being criticized for losing weight. Can’t win for losing….(no pun).

  3. Laura   September 23, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    “Guiliana also recently gave birth last year suggesting that along with being able to fit into an Emmy gown, having a baby could be Hollywood’s latest trend in skeletal weight loss.” Her child was born via surrogate. She tried IVF multiple times and all of them failed. I bet her extremely frail thin frame was to blame for her inability to get pregnant. We women are not meant to be that thin.

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