Emmy Awards Honor Fallen Stars: Including Cory Monteith [video]

In Memoriam

In MemoriamThe 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards paid a special tribute to the deceased Glee star, Cory Monteith. This year’s Emmys, filmed in the infamous Nokia Theater, shined as the 2009 repeat host, Neil Patrick Harris, entertained the audience in song and dance. The show’s previous hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Lynch and Conan O’Brien took the stage in Harris’ opening segment along with comedic interjections from Kevin Spacey.

The 2013 Emmys celebrated many actors and actresses for the fine work they have done over the past year. This is where they celebrate the best of television. Tonight they also took time to remember and honor some of the favorites that are now considered fallen stars. Outside of the usual segment entitled, “In Memoriam”, a separate musical homage for Cory was planned. Ken Ehrlich, Emmy Producer, said he and his team felt even though Cory didn’t have a huge television presence, due to the circumstances surrounding his death, it was necessary.

Stars included in the tribute segment tonight include legacies such as:

Jonathan Winters

Robin Williams fought tears as he paid tribute to his mentor and friend, Jonathan Winters. Williams said at first Winters was his idol, and then he became his mentor and ultimately an amazing friend. Winters played the role of Williams’ son on the 80’s hit TV series “Mork and Mindy”. Winters was known as the unpredictable comedian and the master of improvisation. He died on April 11, 2013 at the ripe age of 87.

James Gandolfini

Edie Falco paid touching tribute to Sopranos co-star James Gandolfini. She said he had an instinct and perspective that was truly his own. His portrayal on the hit TV Series The Sopranos was not who Gandolfini really was. He was a genuine and caring individual that would help anyone in need. Many people knew Jim the actor, Edie said she was lucky enough to know the man and friend and that’s the person she will miss most of all. He died June 19, 2013 right in the prime of his career at 51-years-old.

Jean Stapleton

Rob Reiner paid an emotional tribute to his “mother in law” on the long running TV series “All in the Family.” Reiner said she brought humor, heart and soul to her character Edith Bunker. She embodied the heart and soul of the character America fell in love with. She was a sweet and genuine human being; one he loved on and off camera. He said even when they were offset the cast of “All in the Family” functioned like a true family and he will always cherish those times. She died on May 31, 2013 at the ripe age of 90

Gary David Goldberg

Michael J. Fox paid tribute to producer of the show that propelled him into stardom, “Family Ties.” Fox said Goldberg changed his life. He said he was his mentor, father and friend. Fox said Goldberg created the type of family that everyone wanted and that he was fortunate enough to belong to. He said whenever he catches a rerun of the show he can hear Goldberg talking and laughing and he misses his friend dearly. He died on June 22, 2013; just three days before his 69th birthday.

Cory Monteith

Jane Lynch remembered her Glee co-star and friend Cory Monteith. She talked about ‘Finn Hudson’ and the impact he made on the show. She said the young man many fell in love with on the show was no act. She said he wasn’t without his problems and suffered a grave addiction but was still worthy of the love that his family, friends, cast members and the world had for him. She said we remember him for all that he was and mourn him for that he could have been. He died suddenly on July 13, 2013 at the tender age of 31.

As always the ‘In Memoriam’ portion of the Emmy Awards was an emotional and reminiscent segment. The producers felt having close friends of these fallen stars share up close and personal memories would make the segment more meaningful. These entertainers brought lots of joy to televisions all across the globe and as such the producers felt it necessary to include these five individuals in the tribute.

Liberace was also honored with a musical tribute by Elton John who played the piano while singing, Going Home. This was Elton John’s first time as a guest on the Emmy Awards but he said he couldn’t be more honored than to pay homage to such a great musical force as the late great Liberace.

The traditional In Memoriam segment was presented in a different format this year with hopes of making it stand out in a unique and special way.

Even though many long time Emmy supporters are disappointed to that Cory Monteith received an individualized tribute instead of The Odd Couple’s Jack Klugman, Dallas’ Larry Hagman or Private Benjamin’s Eileen Brennan, tonight’s show was no doubt a night to remember.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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