65th Primetime Emmy Awards (Review)

65th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations

Sunday night, the stars came out for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, which were broadcast live on CBS from Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater. The Emmy Awards were hosted by actor and comedian, Neil Patrick Harris, for the second time. This multi-talented performer again proved to be one of the best awards show hosts around.

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards began with Neil Patrick Harris taking on the challenge of watching an entire years; worth of primetime TV. Then he started interacting with the shows, responding to comments made by people like Simon Cowell. He called Duck Dynasty ‘educational.”

Bryan Cranston on an episode of Breaking Bad said: “Now you listen to me. Are you ready?” and Harris answered: “Yeah.”

Finally, Harris walked out on the stage, and delivered his monologue. He said that TV, for the younger people in the audience, “is something you watch on your phone.” He said he was right now watching an episode of American Horror Story on his contact lenses.

After he made a joke about Paula Dean, a voice from the audience said: “That’s a good one!” it was last years’ host, Jimmy Kimmel, who then walked up onto the stage, and continued talking with Harris, saying “there’s a good chance that they won’t ask you back next year.” Then, Jane Lynch, and Jimmy Fallon, other past hosts of the show, came on stage to offer Harris advice.

Conan O’Brien joined them onstage, saying he also hosted the Emmys twice. Harris said: “Stop! Stop! This is ridiculous!”

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler yelled out from the audience that they had some advice: for Harris to “twerk” and “take his pants off.” They presented the first award, for Outstanding Supporting actress in a Comedy series. The Emmy went to Merrit Weaver, for Nurse Jackie.

Then, there was the first commercial break of the evening.

LL Cool J and Malin Akerman presented the next Emmy Award. It was for Outstanding Writer of a Comedy Series. The Emmy went to Tina Fey and Tracey Wigfield. Wigfield told her parents she was sorry, because she knows how much they like Louie C.K.

“These two performing sisters are much different from the two performing sisters I saw in Thailand,” Harris said, introducing the nexxt two presenters, Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel. They presented the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. The Emmy Award went to Tony Hale, for VEEP (HBO).

“This is mindblowing!” he said in his acceptance speech. The cut-off music started pretty early, but I suppose it’s necessary, so that the show won’t run over too much.

Then, Robin Williams paid a tribute to his mentor, Jonathan Winters. Winters played his dad on Mork & Mindy. He said that “jamming with Jonathan was like dancing with Fred Astaire.” Winters died this past April.

John Hamm and Alec Baldwin were the presenters of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy series. I’m rooting for Tina Fey! But, Julia Louis-Drefrus won — I like her, also — for VEEP. Tony Hale joined her onstage, and nodded his head at various moments in Julia’s acceptance speech. It was kind of humorous.

The presenters who came next were Will Arnet (yeah!) and  Margo Martindale. They plugged their latest show, The Millers, which will premiere October 3. “I get it; you have too much integrity to shamelessly promote,” the Margo said.

They presented the Emmys for Best Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series, which were actually won and presented last Sunday. Bob Newhart won the Emmy for the Best Guest Actor and  did  Melissa Leo, from Louie for the Best Guest Actress.

Leo presented  Gail Mancuso the Emmy for Best Director of a Comedy Series, for Modern Family.

Jimmy Kimmel and Sophia Vegara presented the Emmy Award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Alec Baldwin, Jason Bateman, Louis C.K., Don Cheadle, Matt LaBlanc, and Jim Parsons.

The Emmy went to Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory. He, of course, plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He sounded quite emotional, even though he’s won the award two other times.

Rob Reiner then gave a tribute to Jean Stapleton, who played Edith Bunker in All In the Family. He did a great job; Jean Stapleton really helped make the show the success that it was.

One of Rob’s best lines about Jean was what Archie Bunker said about Edith when she died:

This past May, death came to Jean Stapleton. When I heard the news, I think all of us who knew Jean felt the way Archie did when he said goodbye to Edith. You had no right to leave me that way without giving me just one more chance to say I love you.”

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon then paid a tribute to the great piano player, Liberace, who passed away 25 years ago. They introduced Elton John, who also joined in the tribute. Elton played “Home Again,” a song about “going home again,” which he wrote for Lee, or Liberace.

Elton showed, once again, that he has one of the best singing voices around, besides being an awesome piano player. It was a beautiful song, and everyone applauded when he finished. Michael said, quoting Liberace: “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.”

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon presented the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries of Movie. The Emmy went to Laura Linney, for The Big C. They accepted the award on her behalf, as she couldn’t be there.

After the commercial break, we saw the stars from How I Met Your Mother, who gave a pretty funny for EHD, Excessive Hosting Disorder, which they said affected Neil Patrick Harris, their co-star. They said that “there is hope” for people suffering from this disorder. The Ryan Seacrest Center is where people should go who suffer from such a disorder.


Then, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series was presented by Connie Britton and Blair Underwood. The winner was Henry Bromell, for Homeland. He tragically died, thought, earlier this year, so his wife accepted the Emmy on his behalf.

The same two presenters then also gave an Emmy for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. It went to Anna Gunn, for Breaking Bad.

“Bryan Cranston just told me to ‘breathe,'” she said. She plays Cranston’s wife, Skylar, in the series. She thanked her Breaking Bad family, and her own family.

Jane Lynch then gave a touching tribute to Cory Monteith, from Glee. “All that open-hearted quality was no act,” she said. “This gifted and wonderful man was worthy of your love,” she said. It was an excellent tribute to a man who had some problems –but, don’t we all — and who had a potentially great future ahead of him, until his all-too-early passing.

Back from the commercial break, Harris did a great choreographed dance number he called “The Number in the Middle of the Show.” He wlecomed “the Emmy Gold Dancers.”

He had Sarah Silverman and make a cameo appearance during the song, and join in the dance number. It was a pretty cool, though overblown, dance number.

Harris then introduced the next two presenters, Stephen Amell and Mindy Kaling. They presented the Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Competition program. The Emmy went to The Voice. Mark Burnett accepted the award.

Harris then introduced Diahann Carroll and Kerry Washington, who presented the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor of a Drama Series.

The winner was Bobby Cannavale, for Boardwalk Empire.I thought Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad would probably win; oh, well…

Then, Juliana Margolis from The Good Housewife and presented the Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series. It went to Jeff Daniels, for The Newsroom(HBO). He’s great, but I thought for sure that Bryan Cranston would be the winner.

Next, we saw the black-and-white newscast where the great newscaster, Walter Conkrite, announced the death of John F. Kennedy. Don Cheadle commemorated TV’s role in both informing the public about the assassination, and also, 90 days later, for introducing The Beatles to the United States on The Ed Sullivan Show.

He introduced Carrie Underwood, who sang a tribute to the historic events of 50 years ago. She sang “Yesterday,” by The Beatles.

She looked quite glamorous, in a dark blue flowing gown and dangling earrings.The Beatles, from the cover of Meet the Beatles, were behind her for a part of the song.

In a funny moment, Harris introduced the accountants of Ernst & Young. Bob Newhart appeared on stage with the Ernst & Young associates, looking sort of puzzled. Harris said “Who knew that Bob Nwhart was also an accountant?”

Harris introduced Jimmy Fallon, who presented the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The Emmy went to Claire Danes for Homeland (HBO).

Then, the Emmys for Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress of a Drama Series went to Dan Bucatinsky (“Scandal”) and Carrie Preston (“The Good Wife”).

They then presented the Emmy for Best Director of a Drama Series. It went to David Fincher for House of Cards.

Jim Parsons and Bob Newhart were on stage next, to present the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. “It is a thrill for me to be here with this man who just won his first Emmy Award last week,” Parsons said about Newhart.

“I don’t know if it’s just a compliment, or you’re trying to rub it in,” Newhart said.

They gave the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. The winner was the team from The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert accepted the Emmy. “Thank you very much! The Emmys are so special this year!” Colbert said.

Parsons and Newhart also gave the Emmy for Outstading Director of a Comedy Series. The Emmy went to Don Roy King for Saturday Night Live.

Michael J. Fox then paid a tribute to Gary David Goldberg, creator of Family Ties, MASH, Lou Grant, and others. Fox was wearing glasses. He gave a very nice tribute to someone who was clearly an influence in his career, and who was a giant of TV history.

Neil Patrick Harris was seen speaking to the team of choreographers who work with him on the Emmys. He asked them to help create a production number, including him. He then sang “Luck Be a Lady Tonight.” It was an awesome number, including dancing from the era of Mad Men, modern dancing, and more.

American Horror Story, even, was incorporated into the dance, as well as the song “Get Lucky,” from Daft Punk, and Boardwalk Empire was another part of the number. Breaking Bad and electronic music was also made a part of the number, and The Big Bang Theory.

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum presented the Emmy for Outstanding Choreography. The winner went to Derek Hough for Dancing with the Stars.

Next, Harris introduced two of his co-stars from How I Met Your Mother, Colbie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan, and they presented the Emmy for Best Variety Series. It went to The Colbert Report, which was nominated six times this year. Stephen Colbert accepted the Emmy.

“Jon [Stewart] never told me how good this feels,” Colbert joked.

Next, Edith Falco paid a tribute to the late James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. “I was lucky enough to know Jim, the man,” she said. “It was Jim, the man, that I will miss most of all,” she added.

The next two presenters were Allison Janney and Anna Faris. They presented the Emmy for Outstanding Writing of a Miniseries or Movie. The Emmy went to Abi Morgan, for The Hour.

They also presented the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. It went to James Cromwell for American Horror Story.

Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory was one of the two people who paid tribute to other famous actors and actresses who passed away this past year, like Larry Hagman, Roger Ebert, Eileen Brennan, Charles Durning, Pat Summerall, Alex Karas, Jack Klugman, Conrad Baines, and Andy Williams.

Harris introduced the next two presenters. They announced the nominees for Outstanding Directing of a TV Miniseries or Movie. The Emmy went to Steven Soderbergh, for Behind the Candelabra.

They also gave the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. The Emmy went to Ellen Burstyn for Political Animals. It marked her second-ever Emmy.

Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes presented the next two awards. The first was for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. That Emmy went to Michael Douglas, for Behind the Candelabra, where he played Liberace.

Michael Douglas said “This is a two-hander,” referring to Matt Damon. When everybody started laughing he kept going. “You deserve half of this,” he said to Damon. “Do you want the bottom or the top? Top? I figured that.”

Then, they presented the Emmy for Best Miniseries or Movie. It went to Behind the Candelabra, which was nominated for 16 Emmys this year.

It looks like the program is running a bit over this year — there are still a few awards to come, and right now it’s 10:00 p.m. Central time.

Will Ferrel and his three children presented the last three Emmy Awards. He said “They called me literally 45 minutes ago,” to presnet the awards.

The Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series went to Modern Family, which has now won the award four years in a row! This kind of surprised me, as I didn’t think it would win for a fourth year in a row.

Next, Will presented the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. If it doesn’t go to Breaking Bad, I’ll be very much surprised. It went to — Breaking Bad! YES! It received 13 Emmy nominations this year. It’s one of the coolest series ever, and its second-to-the-last episode ever is running opposite the Emmys.

That wrapped up the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. All in all, I think that it was a great Emmys show, and Neil Patrick Harris might be the best host ever of any awards show. What are your opinions? Did your favorites win? Please let me know in the Comments area below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. larry gonzalez   September 23, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Julia Lewis-Dreyfus won for VEEP, not New Adventures Of Old Christine. Jim Parsons has won the Emmy twice before last night, not three times.

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