Emmy Fashion Hits And Misses

Lena Dunham Emmy GownNot only were there shockers in the statues handed out, but on the Red Carpet at the 2013 Emmy awards as well. Shall we take a look at the Emmy Hits and Misses?


Miss Vergara did not disappoint in a red Vera Wang that showed us Sofia’s best assets. This woman’s body is unreal and so was the dress. But not really a risk—same old, same old, if you’re a bombshell with a banging body and an accent. Well done again.

Anna Gunn, thank goodness, was able to shake off the ghost of Skylar White in her blush pink and black lace number. Although a nice departure from how we see her every Sunday night, perhaps white may have been a better choice for the bottom half. A tip: Stop losing weight girlfriend. You’re teetering on the edge of scary skinny.

Heidi Klum appeared on the red carpet being strangled by her wine colored dress, although when she floated across the stage, the bottom half was spectacular.

Rose Byrne, who usually has hair problems, stunned in a blush pink Calvin Klein showing off her svelte figure and this time, she got the hair right.

Kaley Cuoco, perhaps in a an attempt to make us all forget the yellow bomb from last year, more than made up for the error in a wine colored corseted ball gown by Vera Wang. She also appeared to be having the most fun, didn’t she?

Elizabeth Moss, can we say one thing doll? You are the rocking the blond. Well down girlfriend, well done. The black and white dress wasn’t bad either, but that blond hair is a keeper.

Tina Fey wowed in cobalt blue that showed off the funny girls serious curves. The classic cut, paired with the Veronica Lake hair; can we say fabulous?

And the heavens opened up and our Ms. Washington appeared. Although Kerry Washington could throw on a paper bag and look amazing, she is usually known for understatement and old school glam. The Marchesa gown introduced the queen in all her glory. It was a mix of old Hollywood and edge with a tie-wrapped waist and floral appliqués. And with all that glitz and glam, the simple hair was perfection.


Misses were large and in charge this year. Its hard to even give out highest honors given the competition was so very fierce.

Lena, Lena dear. Must you insist on wearing your awkwardness everywhere you go? This is not your first rodeo. You’d think you might be getting better already. Advice: Never make a dress from drapes unless you’re Scarlett O’Hara. Who looked at that color, that pattern, that shape and exclaimed, “This is a keeper?” One smaller tip: eye shadow goes above the eye and it is used to enhance not frighten.

Going against the screaming crowds, not a fan of Claire Danes’ Armani Prive. Although very pretty from the back, it appeared too big from the front in the waist area. And the peak-a-boo front was just little too low. We really do need to know that there’s no chance of one your girls falling out dear. Most likely, it is one of those dresses that looks better in person, given all the next morning gushing.

January Jones did not make the mistake of using the drapes. She instead chose grandma’s tablecloth. Givenchy made it just for me, she said. Error by a big house. Does anyone else get the feeling this girl is a little bitchy? Not a great red carpet interview doll. Try harder to act like a human next time. Goddess level you are not.

Again, heaps are love are being dumped upon Kelly Osborne. It remains a mystery how a girl with lavender hair pulled into a severe, but perfectly cylindrical bun sporting an orangey red dress fit for someone twenty years her senior is hitting the best lists. Perhaps everyone in America is afraid of Mama Sharon. Kelly, dear, you lost all that weight, show it off while you’re young doll. And please find a human shade of hair.

Julianne Hough it’s a good thing you came with your brother because if your dad was your date he would have made you change before you left the house. Did you learn nothing from Miley Cyrus’ antics? Big girls don’t go outside in their underpants. This dress would have killed if the bottom were not see-through.


Christina Hendricks black Christian Siriano was lovely enough. But Miss Christina is not tiny and those fluttery extras on the shoulder, are they necessary? They appear a bit girly and superfluous for a woman her age and shape.

Amy Poehler and Laura Dern called each other and decided to be hundred-year-old twins in gowns made for their great aunts.

Both Kelly Osbourne and Anna Faris need a color check. Orange red with purple and electric yellow with blond hair; head scratcher.

And like every year, aside from Lena Dunham and the train wreck that was Paul Abdul, who was beamed in for the evening, 2013 Emmy hits and misses will be forgotten by tomorrow.

Written by Linda Torkelson










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