Penis Shrinkage Through Smoking

Penis Shrinkage Through smoking
The size of a man’s genitalia is a sensitive subject to say the least.  Battles have been waged, women won and egos crushed by over-emphasizing the size of a man’s penis.  To some lovers, size is important, while to others, it’s more about the connection.  If you are a man, however, the size of your sexual parts can define your perception of masculinity, even if it’s just a figment of imagination.  The truth is, no man would want his parts to get smaller, if given the choice.  Smoking has been found to cause penis shrinkage in some men through constricting blood flow to the organs of reproduction.

Studies have shown that much like smoking constricts blood vessels to the heart, it can also do the same to the blood vessels of the penis.  Over time, elasticity is compromised as is the possibility for achieving an erection.  According to research, smoking can shorten the penis by as much as an entire centimeter, which may not sound like a lot – unless its your penis.  Blood vessels begin to calcify through repetitive exposure to the chemicals in cigarettes causing the penis to suffer a shortening effect.  Some researchers have concluded that smoking is more detrimental to the male penis than it is to the human heart – overall.

The Boston University School of Medicine studied 200 erect men.  Results clarified that smokers have shorter erect penises when compared to their non-smoking counterparts.  The study explained that much like a rubber band stretches, the penis stretches to respond to an increase in blood flow.  However, smoking inhibits this stretching capability, reducing the length a man’s penis can reach when responding to stimuli.

So men, how much do you care about the length of your man parts?  And, is smoking so important to you that you would compromise penis length for it?  Smoking is also bad for the sperm in the sacs, harming DNA which could affect future potential offspring, but that is beside the point.  Size is the issue here!

How about smoking marijuana?  As of yet, no studies have shown pot to decrease the length of the penis as cigarettes do, however, weed can decrease one’s ability to get an erection due to the relaxation of the body and distractions of the mind.  I’m not sure which is worse, a shorter penis or temporary impotence?  I guess it depends if you are just hanging out with the “guys” or if that special someone is coming around.

Studies have shown penis shrinkage occurs through the act of smoking by as much as one whole centimeter.  Smoking is also known to affect the heart, lungs, brain and mood.  Though quitting smoking can be quite a psychological nightmare, it may be better than the alternatives – black lungs and a short penis.  For now, it might be best to find another way to unwind and keep your body parts at “normal size.”  On a long note, the jury is still out as to whether electronic cigarettes and chew have the same effect.  How do your habits measure up?

By Stasia Bliss

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