Equinox as a Cosmic Balancing Act


Twice a year, the position of the planet sits in such a way that the Northern and Southern hemispheres both receive equal light and equal dark.  September 22nd of this year, falling on a Sunday, is just one of these days (the other being March 21st).  Known as the Autumn Equinox in the northern realm, this time is an occasion much like a cosmic balancing act, helping to bring the energies of light, dark and intensity back into balance as the seasons change yet again.

The fall equinox signals the end of the summer in the north and the beginning of the sun’s decline toward the winter solstice in December, after which daylight will extend again toward summer – to peak at the summer solstice in mid June.  Long celebrated in ancient cultures, people have believed these powerful times of year to be key in recharging the system, tuning into cosmic frequencies and setting new goals and intentions for the season to come.

Many see the changing of the seasons as an eternal symbol of internal processes.  The autumn is a time of harvest, reaping what one has sewn, as in the farmer receiving the bounteous blessings of a year of work in his garden.  The same can be true for each person, individually, as this time of year can be viewed as an opportunity to recognize the efforts that have been exerted toward goals and projects and noticing where we have produced abundant results.  Those areas that have not bloomed and blossomed may be better turned into the compost of next years crops.

The winter solstice marks the time of a new birth, a new beginning of sorts, as the sun will once again start its climb into the northern sky.  So, the time between the fall equinox and the winter solstice is a space in which release, surrender and death rule – why this time is highlighted by the famous holiday of Halloween and Day of the Dead.  After the harvest, all that which did not sprout and produce crops gets relinquished into the burial fires – both externally and within.  Sometimes we just need to let go of old beliefs, projects, relationships and ideas that did not reach a culmination during the year in order to make room for something new to come in.  It is important, if truly to harness the energies of this time, to not hold onto things too tightly.  Allow for the falling away and the mini-deaths that must occur in order to make room for the new to gestate and begin anew come spring.

The equinox has long been seen as an opportunity for the cosmic act to come into mighty balance once again.  As the great saying goes: “As above, so below” meaning what is happening in the cosmos is also happening within each one of us individually.  May we take the chance to harness the energies of the cosmos at this time and find peace and balance within while at the same time moving forward in the essence of release in order to allow for the new to be planted once again.

Some of us have a tendency to resist change, to judge ourselves for incomplete projects, relationships or jobs left unfinished.  Truthfully, cycles of life for humans reflect the cycles in the natural world.  If we can approach our own experiences and feelings with the same sort of understanding that we have for the seed that sprouted, bloomed and died, we can give ourselves a break when we realize something did not come into fruition as hoped.  Often a job, relationship, experience or feeling is seasonal.  Meaning, it has its season, it’s time for growth, development and release.  The cosmos reflects this as do we.  Just because it is time to release what is no longer working for us does not mean it will not come again into our experience when the soil is fertile.  It’s okay to abandon an idea for the present moment and be open to its return.

As the cosmic balancing act takes place this weekend during the fall equinox, may we all take time to harvest what we have sewn and find balance within our own.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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