Geoffrey Portway’s Paedophile Cannibal Dungeon Pictures Emerge

Geoffrey Portway’s house

Geoffrey Portway Paedophile Cannibal Dungeon

Pictures have emerged of Geoffrey Portway’s paedophile cannibal dungeon. The would be cannibal had constructed a purpose-built area where he intended to rape, kill and consume children, like the infamous child murderer Albert Fish in the late 1920s.

United States law enforcement officials discovered the dungeon/torture room after investigating an international peodophile ring. They uncovered the British citizen’s lair as their investigations led them to Portway’s house in Worcester, Massachusetts.

When police entered the home, they found a staircase that lead down to a room that held a small child size coffin; a steel cage; sets of handcuffs; castration tools; and a large collection of knives. Portway had also installed soundproofing in the room.

Geoffrey Portway Paedophile Cannibal Dungeon

The homemade coffin had been covered with wire net and equipped with locks. It also had six steel rings on the inside of the coffin for restraining his victim. Next to the coffin was a padlocked cage just large enough for a small child. Law enforcement officials also found butchering tools, a couple of large freezers and disposable surgical scalpels. There was also a child sized orange coverall in the basement/dungeon.

Geoffrey Portway Paedophile Cannibal Dungeon

The 40 year-old British expat had scores of indecent photographs of children. On the picture of a small boy, he had sketched out the “different cuts of meat,” on the child’s body according to the Boston Herald.

Portway, a computer programmer, pleaded guilty to plotting a child’s kidnapping as well as distributing and owning child pornography. He will be sentenced on Tuesday September 17. It is believed that prosecutors for the case will ask that he serve at least 27 years in prison before being deported back to the United Kingdom.

The Boston Herald also reported that Police officials had connected Portway to an online chat room where members talked about cannibalisation and child rape. Portway used the name “Longpig” as his chatroom name and he talked about wanting to abduct and eat small children.

Portway was one of dozens of paedophiles taken in and charged with child sex offences. The two year investigation culminated in the arrest of 50 individuals and the saving of over 160 children. After the chilling pictures of his cannibal dungeon emerged, the public can be relieved that it was shut down before the perverted individual had a chance to use it.

In the sentencing documents for Portway, it is shown that he pleaded guilty to the charges of “some of the most vile and heinous” acts in modern times. His active participation in sexually exploiting young children through his owning and distributing child pornography and his attempted coercion of individuals to help him to kidnap, kill and consume a child were proof of his intentions. His actions on the chatroom led to his capture and conviction.

Geoffrey Portway Paedophile Cannibal Dungeon

Disturbingly, the name Portway used for the chatroom, “Longpig” is cannibal slang for human meat or flesh. He targeted other paedophiles who had similar desires or fantasies of killing and eating children, according to court documents.

Portway approached several chatroom members for help in kidnapping a small child, one of whom was Michael Arnett from Kansas. Arnett plead guilty to the charge of sexually exploiting a child to produce child pornography.

Another chatroom member that Portway approached was sex offender Ronald Brown from Florida. Brown was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his plot to abduct children from his local church. It is Brown who allegedly sent Portway the picture of a small boy with the sketches of where “meat” could be taken from body parts.

Brown and Portway talked about grabbing a small boy and moving him to a rented accommodation in the Florida Everglades. There they could mutilate him; eat what parts they wanted and then give the “leftovers: to the alligators.

Portway explained that they could start a mortuary and any deceased young boy who was to be cremated could just “disappear.” The FBI started their investigations into the paedophile’s activities back in 2012. Their efforts led them to the internet chatroom with members interested in raping young children and cannibalizing them.

Geoffrey Portway Paedophile Cannibal Dungeon

Law enforcement officials also told of how the chatroom conversations included the computer programmer speaking about children that he knew personally and whom he had targeted as possible victims for his sick plan. Another paedophile on the site told Portway that it would not be difficult to track down a particular boy in Baltimore, Maryland.

The paedophile asked Portway if he would travel that far to get the child and, chillingly, Portway said: “If I could get him.”

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz stated that the facts of the case were very disturbing and thanked law enforcement officials for their timely action.

FBI Special Agent Bruce Foucart said that since the FBI and police had been investigating the global network of paedophiles that more of them are being found and that the operation “continues to be unravelled.”

The chilling police pictures that have emerged of Geoffrey Portway’s paedophile cannibal dungeon sicken and disturb. It is only  by knowing that this sick individual and more of his kind have been caught, that the pictures don’t take on a more terrifying significance. Portway is due for sentencing on Tuesday next week.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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