George Zimmerman’s Wife Files for Divorce

 George Zimmerman and Shellie get divorced

Wife of George Zimmerman, Shellie, has recently filed for divorce, citing an apparent strain on their relationship as the reason for the breakup.

George Zimmerman was recently acquitted over the alleged murder of a young African American high school student, called Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was involved in coordinating neighbourhood watch initiatives around the area where Martin had attained temporary accommodation.

During the night in question, Zimmerman had witnessed Martin returning to the housing community, following a trip to a nearby convenient store. Zimmerman was driving at the time and called the police to report suspicious activity. After the phone call had ended, Zimmerman became embroiled in a violent encounter with Martin, which culminated in Trayvon Martin being fatally shot.

Zimmerman’s wife inferred that the legal battle, which recently ended in a not guilty verdict, dated July 13, damaged their marriage. During the murder trial, the couple had faced a huge number of violent threats and felt in constant fear of their lives.

Shellie has also encountered legal troubles, after pleading guilty to perjury charges; she was then sentenced to a one year period of probation. According to CBS News, Zimmerman’s wife had lied about their joint financial situation, after issuing her testimony during a bond hearing, in June of last year.

George Zimmerman had also failed to make an appearance at his wife’s court hearing, prompting initial questions over the stability of their marriage.

By: James Fenner

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