Google Nexus 7 Versus Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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The tablet race is on. With all of the excitement of the iPhone 5S, Galaxy Note 3 and now smartwatches joining the field of mobile devices; tablets remain a dominant force in the spectrum of mobile computing. Samsung and Apple (no surprise there) lead the race to the finish line of sales. Another contender is entering the arena and is taking no prisoners. Into Google’s power play of the Google Nexus 7. With one of the sharpest screen resolutions in the industry, the Nexus is truly becoming a powerhouse. It was time to show the specs and features of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 and the Nexus 7, let the comparison begin!

Google Nexus 7

Resolution unmatched
Resolution unmatched
  • The race can almost end here, honesty. The screen resolution of the Nexus is untouched. Sporting a 1920 x 1200 resolution generating 323 PPI, this is an amazing quality unseen. In addition, the glass is scratch resistant. The Nexus has efficiently kicked Apple, Microsoft and Samsung to the curb. Alas, the comparison shall continue. If buyers are all about the image, the graphics, the detail of video – look no further than the Nexus.
  • Although the Nexus sports a wider and longer frame, Gizmag reports the Google tablet is four percent lighter than the Galaxy Tab 3.
  • The Nexus sports a 3,950mAh battery and runs on  Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
  • The Nexus will have a starting internal memory of 16GB and a 32GB version as well.
  • The NVIDIA tegra 3 quad-core processor powers the speed behind this creative wonder.
  • 5-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front facing camera.
  • Price $229

Onward to the second half of this dynamic dual! This contender has marked the mobile devices industry with a brand that has created true competition. In addition, Samsung has gained a loyal fan base over the past several years.

Galaxy Tab 3

Varying sizes
Varying sizes
  •  Galaxy Tab 3 provides a comparable point for this match-up, simply because it is a 7-inch tablet.
  • The RAM for the Galaxy is 1GB versus the 2GB of the Nexus. The Galaxy runs on a ARM-7 dual core processor.
  • The rear camera is 3-megapixels and a front facing camera 1.3-megapixel camera.
  • Galaxy has created three options for customers from 7-inches, 8-inches and the 10.1-inches. Variance is a nice aspect the Nexus can’t touch as far as size difference.
  • The Galaxy can also operate as remote control and has a vast selection of movies and shows from its media hubs.
  • The battery on the Tab is also a nice increase from the Nexus as it sports 4,000mAh and there are larger capacities are on the eight and 10-inch options.
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB is available on the Tab.
  • Price is $199.99

Each of these powerhouses have gained favor from tech fans for their innovative approach. For a few years iPad has ruled the tablet world and for the first time in as many years, its status is unbalanced. Once Google enters into the mix of developing devices, all manufacturers may start feeling a level of intimidation. The Galaxy Tab 3 is no slouch either! Personally speaking, the phablets they have produced- which include the Galaxy Mega and Galaxy Note 3 carry great promise for customers who want a tablet feel with voice connectivity. If a consumer is on a tablet hunt, the level of price and resolution may be the tipping factor in this match of the titans.


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