Grand Theft Auto Could Send You to Jail

Grand Theft Auto May Send You to JailProgressing from shoplifting and other petty thefts to the level of grand theft auto,  involves a pattern of playing your game well.  You have to have the right moves and know how to handle yourself in a fast paced environment.  Planning your escape route to elude the authorities can be a thrilling challenge.  Winning at Grand Theft Auto, the new video game, could give you great ranking among your gaming buddies.   It may also offer you unexpected friendships as your skills in grand theft auto may send you to jail, if game becomes real life.  Crimes have already been reported as direct resuhlts of the effects of the game.

Grand Theft Auto video game has broken retail records achieving sales of over $1 billion dollars in three days.  It sells for $60 to $100 and is going for more if you want to pay it.  Many electronics and big box stores have completely sold out of the high in demand piece of entertainment, as players race their way around town to find the coveted game.

The player needs to be in tune and aligned with the rules of the game.  They could likely win the honors of admirers, but will often eventually spin their wheels in frustration.   After several laps around the video screen, their whole snack cabinet and beverage supply could be depleted as they play for hours with no sleep.  The excitement and challenge of a video game can be addicting and time consuming, leaving the player out of gas for leading a normal routine.

The game could be viewed as a learning tool, involving math, organization and creative skills, but at the same time that information becomes a part of someone’s brain and could cause unfavorable behavior in real life.  The thrill of the chase is a natural instinct that has been around forever.  Thinking one can outsmart the ploys of a tricky and entertaining game could plant ideas for the real thing.  It’s almost a training ground for criminals, as we see the crime rates around the country rise with all types of offenses.

Investing in the new game for entertainment is one thing, but letting it take over one’s life is another thing.  With the average cost of a new car in the United States being around $25,ooo, car repair costs soaring and the intrigue of restoring and auctioning vehicles, the car industry is a huge business.  Car shows, historical cars, NASCAR and TV shows about cars have been a theme of late, so Grand Theft Auto is surely to also be a success.  The game is already showing the road to success to their developers, designers and computer graphic artists, as well as rolling in the profits to retailers.

The days of bumper cars and penny arcades are gathering dust as the video games take over and become a staple of everyday life.  Obtaining the games themselves starts the challenge and help to satisfy the entertainment feature outside of regular TV and sports.  If the game player keeps things in perspective and only plays for fun, everyone would be happy.  Unfortunately, some people might move on to actually stealing cars and other forms of crime.  Law officials are only happy when they nab the real grand theft auto culprit and send them to jail.  Every action was once on the starting blocks and either coasted or ran full force into a disaster.  Let’s hope the players of the new game will just have fun and park it when it says ‘game over’.


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