Grand Theft Auto V Crew Echelon


Grand Theft Auto V Crew Echelon

If you are a Grand Theft Auto V Gamer and are interested in joining crews or gangs, you can be rest assured that if you have a question about where you place in the echelon of life, it can be summed up here.

Leaders are important in this expansive world. In the City of Los Santos, the desire to belong  to a lifelong family that agrees to a life of chaos and destruction is special in the hopes of exploiting territories and weaknesses in other crews.  The only person in charge of assigning rank is, of course, the crew leader.

The pecking order directly under the crew leader is listed as commissioners, Lieutenants, Representatives, and the muscle.

At the top of the echelon, commissioners are the most trusted, which is why it is imperative that all actions as a commissioner must be portrayed accordingly. A commissioner leads a trusted crew as the leader’s right-hand man.

Second in line are the lieutenants who have certain rights given directly from the commissioners on behalf of the crew leader. Lieutenants are in charge of keeping everything on the level.

Third in line are the representatives who have proved more than just being the muscle. One of the privileges that representatives are assigned are recruitment and referrals.

Fourth and the last in line are the muscle. The muscle should be the essence of intimidation. Listed as fourth means there is much room to prove your worth, which means wreaking havoc wherever, to whomever, and whenever.

The outlook on Grand Theft Auto V online crews will be interesting as the way a crew’s echelon is structured will be telling about that particular gang’s reputation. Crews that have an organized hierarchy will most likely be a crew who will have the reputation intelligence and control; whereas, crews that have an every-man-for-himself structure will most likely have weaknesses which other crews will undoubtedly exploit.

Crews are forming fast and furious who are also waiting for online mode with bated breath. It would be no surprise to hear that there is probably a virtual hazing to join a particular crew.

To organize crews gamers are advised to navigate to Crew Management and manage from there. Also, keeping emails up-to-date in Social Account settings is imperative for smooth communication with crew members. Linking this page to a Facebook or Twitter account will keep crews informed of any changes or updates from Microsoft or Sony.

Just remember that reputation and cash flow is important for crews desiring an elite status. Customizing may also say a lot about a crew, especially if there is an overall theme.

Also, content updates are in the works  to enhance the experience of creating individualized experiences. Imagine creating a unique death match or race, tailored to your own level. Content will also be free, which is always welcomed in the gaming community.

Grand Theft Auto V will turn online gaming on its head as virtual crews will define the echelon structure of the simulated gang world. Join up and don’t forget – stay Second Amendment.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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