Endangered Species may Include Humans


The animal kingdom is comprised of beautiful displays of fur, fins, and fangs.  The colorful and exotic favorites such as the Siberian Tiger and Amur Leopard stand out, as the Chinese Giant Salamander slithers away.  The huge, popped out eyes of the Northern Sportive Lemur simply beg for mercy, as the Western Lowland Gorilla stares you down.  These creatures are not just for gazing and gawking, they are our friends.  They remind us of life’s fragility and the reality of not living forever.  Some grieve over the threat of losing a wild, yet protected, animal, almost as much as losing their own pet.  Humans have feelings of compassion towards other living creatures and want to see them live on the Earth well into history.  People are animals too and realistically the list of endangered species may include humans in the near future.  Climate change and disease are just a few threats to the human species.

Homo Sapiens get top billing in the hierarchy of the animal kingdom.  They are responsible for running society and making decisions for the world.  Animals are predators that keep nature running smoothly and also provide a huge food supply for humans.  Domesticated animals provide enjoyment and companionship for humans.  Natural resources are needed to ensure the human world survives, so animals get lost in the shuffle at times.

In humane terms they are called endangered.  Currently endangered species are scurrying as drilling for shale in Pennsylvania is underway.  Some animal’s natural habitats have been destroyed in the name of development, but if humans are to remain in a developed world, it is sometimes necessary.  Animals are protected as much as possible in the process.

Wars and natural disasters have sadly controlled the human population, as well.  Dinosaurs once roamed the earth, but somehow their extinction is accepted.   Could it be the plan of nature for some creatures to disappear completely as history moves forward?

Protecting endangered species has been an important news topic for decades, as opinions on both sides have said their share.  Do humans fit into the endangered species list or will they some day in the future?  Who is protecting the human race?

People are so important in the animal kingdom that world leaders work everyday to protect mankind.  Laws, rules and regulations in health and safety have been enacted for centuries to protect the human.  Living creatures of all size, color and variety play key roles in the animal kingdom.  The laws that have been made continue to be discussed.  Preserving the animals in a natural way is of upmost importance.  Cloning or forced adaptation would weaken many animal species.  It is a debate of what to do and how to do it, as the human race strives to survive as well.  Laws have been enacted over the years to protect endangered species and laws have also been put in place for the benefit of humans.

As yet another chartered catamaran speeds across the Pacific waters to catch a glimpse of the Northern Right Whale, dwindling numbers of animals continue to cry out for help.  The world is home to humans, hooved bovines and the great horned owl, living together on the same planet.  Endangered animals may include humans someday, but we will not be around to see it.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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  1. Thomas Howard   March 23, 2017 at 8:02 am

    Right, who’s protecting the human species? Certainly not us, as we are allowing the aborting of our own selves! This could be potentially the one thing that could bring about our ruin, as who knows when another Issac Newton will be aborted?


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