Guns – A Woman’s Right to Defend Herself (video)

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The Well Armed Woman is a group started by Carrie Lightfoot in 2012 to teach women how to defend themselves. Interestingly, it is not politically-oriented but meant simply to keep women safe.

She feels it’s a lot easier for women to learn from women and that men hacv their own way of thinking about such things.

There are more women who own guns now than there were from 2005-11 and the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported  37% of new target shooters are female.

The George Zimmerman and Marissa Zimmerman issues have added to the  Florida debate over the right to self-defense, although the group has nine chapters in Florida.

Most women feel being able to use a gun is empowering and gives an ability they didn’t think they could have. And why not?

Becky Cress from Illinois is a staunch believer in the Second Amendment and teaches women professionally all the important things about using a firearm. She says its difficult for a husband to teach them because of the family relationship where emotions can get heated up.

With people all over the planet increasingly losing rights, it’s imperative that self-defense be a priority, in her opinion and that of more and more women.

The way I see things these days with, for instance, so many corrupt police invading people’s homes without a warrant or probable cause, it would be sticking her head in the ground for a woman to avoid the need to defend herself.

It doesn’t make a woman less feminine just because she knows how to use a gun. The age of the simpering wallflower fanning herself is gone, folks.

There’s the case recently of the mother who hid in the closet with her kids while a robber roamed her house. When he found her, she shot him dead.  Would it have been better for her to obey the law and have two dead kids? What mother, unless she’s insane, wouldn’t go to any lengths to protect herself and her young?

There was am amazing incident one time, many years ago, where a woman lifted a 2000 pound car to rescue her child who was pinned beneath it. She didn’t have a gun but boy was her body a lethal weapon!

We have the right to defend ourselves, man or woman, with whatever is deemed necessary – a gun, a knife, whatever. Hopefully someday we won’t need any of that, though. We’ll just use communication. But for now, we live in an insane world with some insane people.

The government has been creating horrible, trumped-up scenarios, including school shootings, to incite the American people to give up their right to bear arms, selling us a bill of goods about our own safety.

Well, how come the majority of gun crimes are committed in gun-free zones? New York and Chicago have some of the highest crime rates in the country. Why? Because criminals are free to roam into your space wielding guns that you are not allowed to own.

In 1982, Kennishaw, Georgia passed a law requiring every head of the house own a gun. That town has one of the lowest crime rates. How many thieves would risk trying to rob a house if he knew very well this law was in place?

At the dawn of every totalitarian takeover, the first thing the dictators take care is to disarm everyone. Do you feel that in the wind here in America?

The truth is they want to disarm us because they’re afraid of us. They know we know what they’re up to. If you are truly aware of that, you won’t be so afraid of them. They just need to be confronted and exposed. And for that we don’t always need guns. Again, we just need real live communication with as much truth injected as possible  and spread far and wide.

So, a woman’s right to protect herself extends to her family, her community, even to places way beyond her reach.


Written by Lucille Femine

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  1. Rob.G   September 30, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    Great article and very well stated!

    I think women have more than just the right to defend themselves. They have the responsibility, and I’m so glad to see more and more women taking that responsibility seriously.

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