Sandra Bullock Is a Good Mom

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, the beautiful and talented 2010 Oscar winner of “The Blind Side”, and soon to be released film “Gravity”, takes her role as a mom seriously.  She is in love with her little man, Louis, age 3, who she adopted by herself.  The single mom, divorced from Jesse James, is happily raising her son alone.  With encouragement from close friends, Sandra does it all and continues to put dating on the back burner.  She enjoys the regular school runs and playing with Louis in the back yard.  She recently completed the renovations on her $23 million dollar mansion which includes a basketball court, pool, sandbox and play area.  The star takes care of Louis’ every need and he is her constant sidekick, often visiting her on movie sets and sharing lunch.  Sandra defies the demands of gravity and does it all.   Sandra Bullock is a good mom.

Along with caring and providing for Louis, Sandra has chosen to no longer do her own stunts.  Back in the day when she revved a bus in ‘Speed’ and seemingly risked her life in ‘The Net’, she dared to put it all on the line.  These days, she views her role as a mom as valuable and will be there for the long haul.  Sandra Bullock has no regrets and has stated “I am exactly where I want to be now.  You can’t go backward.  I’m grateful that I’m here, blessed to have what I have.”  She is protecting her most valuable asset, the undeniable bond between mother and son.

As Sandra continues to make films, her long range goals include a possible venture into Theatre.  With her ability to tackle all types of roles, a little less action could be a nice change of pace.  She gets plenty of exercise with her son and the built in play ground at home.  The ‘Miss Congeniality’ star could easily be a retired Miss America with her dark hair and flashing smile.  She definitely has Louis’ long term admiration and that suits her just fine.  Still, another gentleman could someday pop into her life and turn up ‘The Heat’.  Sandra most likely would be caught blushing as little Louis would act as chaperone.  It would all ease out as the days passed, because Sandra Bullock is a good mom.

Sandra Bullock is a good mom, a role she has waited for and fulfilled quite naturally.  She has taken it all on herself with no partner in sight, and is an inspiration to other single mothers.  As her new movie “Gravity”‘ hits the cinemas, she stays grounded in love and commitment to her child.  Her co-star, George Clooney would quickly  agree when describing Sandra as fun-loving, disciplined and of a decided nature..  Her fun-loving personality shines through and can easily throw you, but this gal is serious and does not offer the status-quo.  She has worked with the stars and the moon, but Louis is the light of her life.  Her firm stands and willing smiles are enough to draw you in as a fan.  Sandra’s smile reflects the satisfaction and joys of being a good mom.


Written by:  Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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