Krokodil…Destroys Your Mind and Your Body

Krokodil…Destroys Your Mind and Your Body

As children our parent’s assured us that there were no real monsters to be afraid of.  After watching a scary movie, they’d tuck us in, turn off the lights, and reassure us that the zombies we saw on TV weren’t real.  Well…I hate to say it, but mommy and daddy lied.  Today, a large zombie-like population is growing at an alarming rate throughout Russia, and it’s spreading. Why…because they’re using Krokodil; a substance which destroys your mind and your body.

In a quest to achieve the ultimate high, people are injecting themselves with a flesh eating, gangrene-causing, face-distorting, drug; that is making them look and act like zombies.  This drug epidemic is making its way from Russia throughout Eastern Europe.  And now it’s in the United States.  Just this month, two cases have been reported in Arizona.

Although the medical name is desomorphine, the drug has been nicknamed Krokodil (Russian for Crocodile) because use of it turns the skin green and scaly like that of a crocodile.  And that’s a minor side effect.

Desomorphine was first patented in the U.S. in the early 1930’s. At that time, two of its main purposes were: 1) to be used as a sedative and 2) for treatment of pain. Though desomorphine is comprised of many derivatives, the main ingredient is codeine.  However, over the years, this drug has morphed from a positive painkiller to a negative, black-market, deadly, synthetic heroin.

Surreptitious production of this easy-to-make horrendous drug started in Sibera and quickly made its way to Russia. It’s easily made from over-the-counter ingredients like codeine, red phosphorus, and iodine.  Other products used in the toxic street mixture, are gasoline, oil, alcohol and paint thinner.  This corrosive intermixture, when hypodermically injected into the vein turns to pure poison; and produces extreme tissue damage at the injection site by killing the tissue.  Many of its users have fell victim to gangrene and phlebitis because of contracting HIV from intravenous drug use.  Long term users experience rotting flesh, limb amputation, and worse.

Though the heroin-like high may have you nodding and spinning for only about one and a half hours, the withdrawal effects are the same as if you used real heroin. Addicts who use this concoction only live for about three years during use, and all users experience severe disfigurement.

Since 2002 the use of Krokodile has been spreading throughout parts of eastern Siberia and Russia.   Since 2011 the number of desomorphine users has reached epidemic proportions and continues to spread.   Since 2011, the Federal Drug Control agents in Russia have confiscated almost 100 million doses of this synthetic heroine.

In her interview with ABC Channel 15 in Arizona, substance abuse expert Shelly Mowry spoke about this deadly drug. it has caused “horrendous, flesh-eating types of wounds on people.” Mowry further stated that “people addicted to the poisonous substance have one to seven years remaining life expectancy.

So if you’re thinking about cooking up this concoction and giving it a try, here are a few things you should know about Krokodil:

  • Causes skin and flesh to decay
  • Causes gapping wounds
  • Makes one susceptible to contracting HIV
  • Causes gangrene
  • Effects are not reversible
  • Causes blood vessels to burst
  • Severe Disfigurement
  • One to seven years life expectancy – post use
  • Three year life expectancy – during use

Though the negatives regarding use of this drug are numerous, there is one benefit:  You’ll never have to rent another Zombie movie…because you’ll be one yourself.


Written by DeBorah

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