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GTA 5 Walmart Family Fight for Last Game (Video)

WARNING: This Video Contains Scenes of Violence

GTA 5 Walmart fight for last copy of the game

While the debate continues about whether or not playing violent video games causes the players to be more violent in real life, it looks as though just purchasing a copy of GTA 5 can lead to violence. In a video posted on YouTube, a man and his son, in fact their whole family, fight for the last copy of the game in Walmart. We have included the video clip below.

The footage has been shot via Instagram and has not shown up on many websites. Apparently the fight began as two different people attempted to grab the game to purchase it.

Looking at the video it appears to be two families who are involved in the scuffle. The older man, who seems to the the father of one of the two groups, tells a young black man to calm down or he will “knock his a** out.” He also says that no one talks to his son like that.

He then asks the other young man if he is “high or something.” The shouting escalates into a battle between the older man and the younger one. As the “father” grapples with the male teen, other people become involved in that fracas and at one point there are four people trading blows and wrestling with each other.

A woman can be heard shouting for someone to call 911 while the scuffle continues. It sounds as though it could be the person recording the fight on their cell phone. As the father gets knocked to the ground, another teen circles around the group saying “Really?” The recording of the GTA 5 Walmart family fight for the last copy of the game, shows these consumers at their worst behaviour. It also proves just how far one family will go to buy the latest version of the game.

The circling teenager then punches the black youth in the face as a female attempts to pull the punched man away from the “father” on the ground. The teen who punched the black youngster throws him into a shelving unit and when he falls to the ground the black ball cap-wearing youth begins to kick the other teen.

The two teenagers are finally pulled apart and as the black teen attempts to sort his clothing out, the first family start to leave the Walmart store. As the young black man and another female go to exit the store, the fight breaks out again in the entrance of the building.

As the black teenager walks into the entrance, the father and another teen, a different youngster from the lad who punched the black youth in the face, corner the teen against a vending machine. A woman starts screaming for them to stop and out of the crowd of people approximately half of them seem to be trying to break the fight up or to join in.

The fighting moves across the entrance until the two remaining fighters crash into a stack of trolleys in the entrance. Another man comes out and tells the white teenager to let go of the other youngster and to get out of the store.

Unfortunately, there is no information as to where this particular Walmart is. But one thing’s for certain. With the already existent violence in these two families, which caused them to fight over the last GTA 5 game in the store, they may not be overly influenced by the violence in the game. You can see the fight in the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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