GTA V Wants You to Kill Mark Zuckerberg?

GTA V Wants You to Kill Mark Zuckerberg?

The GTA series has always been known for its extraordinarily painstaking commitment to platform specifics and, as devoted fans spend more and more time with the GTA V game following its release last week, everyone is starting to learn about its fresh features. Now it appears GTA wants you to kill Mark Zuckerberg.

Well maybe not Zuckerberg exactly, but his clone for sure. What seems to be a very not subtle smack at Facebook in an assignment in the game which takes the players through the offices of Lifeinvader (real blatant name), a California based company and players are set on “full on, weapons grade, red alert, world domination.”

Lifeinvader’s CEO seems to be motivated purely by Mark Zuckerberg himself, right down to accusations  he stole the knowledge for the business from former business partners. Lifeinvader’s slogan, spread-eagled on a wall, is just like Facebook as well. It states, “Data is there to be shared.” There is a whiteboard in the main office which says, “’Remember! We aren’t ripping them off if they don’t read the T&Cs”, and it has the word ‘privacy’ marked out.

Next, players are assigned with murdering Zuckerberg’s twin by giving his doppelganger an explosive wedged in a cell phone. Is GTA V really wanting you to kill Mark Zuckerberg or is it just a coincidence the character looks so much like him? If so, do you care?

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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  1. Bob   September 24, 2013 at 6:43 am

    This is retarded


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