Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pube-lic Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres (Video)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pube-lic Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres (Video)

It seems that every time Gwyneth Paltrow goes on the Ellen DeGeneres show, they wind up talking about her pubes! Back in April this year, the lovely Paltrow spoke about not wearing underwear to the Iron Man 3 premiere. In her first “pube-lic” conversation with Ellen, she explained what happened. You can actually see the video of Gwyneth’s chat with Ellen on the September 18 show down below.

She explained about that sideless dress that showed the edge of her bottom at the red carpet event. According to the sexy 40 year-old film star, she had to change at the event. Paltrow made headlines for being daring enough to wear the dress, but, the Iron Man 3 actress explained to Ellen that she was humiliated when “ditching her underwear” for the sexy revealing dress.

Before Ellen showed the audience the April footage, Gwyneth said that she was always getting in trouble on the Degeneres show. While Paltrow kept saying, “Oh no Ellen,” the host ran footage from the last time that the Pepper Potts actress was on her show. The April show was when Paltrow revealed that everybody went looking for razors when she stepped out of her underwear.

After the clip finished, Paltrow said that the media coverage had gone wild after her first appearance on Ellen’s show with the two of them talking about her pubic hair. She also admitted that she may have given out too much information. Especially after her brother-in-law Al said that he hoped that she was not going to bring back “big b***.”

Paltrow deadpanned, “Thanks Al.” Much to the audience’s, and Ellen’s, delight.

Ellen sympathised with Gwyneth and said that she probably did not want to that from her “brother-in-law.” The host then jokingly said, we hope you aren’t doing that. Paltrow refused to be pinned down on the subject, although, she did say that she hoped that her pubic hair was not going to be the topic of conversation every time she was on the show.

Degeneres replied that of course it was it was the show’s theme.

At the end of Wednesday’s show, Ellen says that they will have a commercial break. DeGeneres then starts to say they will come back to discuss Paltrow’s story and Gwyneth interrupts her to say that they will talk about the host’s armpit hair.

While we don’t want to overlook that fact that Gwyneth Paltrow gives good interview, we seriously doubt whether any other talk show host could have gotten that “personal” information out of the Hollywood star. DeGeneres has that gift of getting her guests to say and do things on her show that they would not do anywhere else.

Sure Paltrow is laid back and normally relaxed in interviews, but to talk about the state of her pubic hair? And Ellen got her guest to talk about it not just once, but twice. And before she got Gwyneth to “fess-up” on Wednesday’s show, she had her sit through the April confession about the state of her pubes.

Sure, all these younger starlets think nothing of exposing their inner most secrets to the world, but at 40, Gwyneth Paltrow is not budding starlet, she’s an established star. Her very “pube-lic” conversation with Ellen DeGeneres proves that she has a sense of humor and she’s not bringing back that 70’s big b***. You can see her and Ellen in the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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