Halloween’s Shocktoberfest Will Have Visitors Scared Naked


At Pennsylvania’s Shocktoberfest, visitors won’t need to be afraid of soiling their jeans from fright. That is because everyone entering into the haunted house Naked and Scared tour will be butt-naked.

And why would anyone attend a Halloween haunted house naked? Touring the scariest haunted house ever built is creepy enough.

The true scare is about vulnerability says Patrick Konopelski, owner of the haunted enterprise located in Sinking Springs Pa. Being naked allows his scare-tactic team to terrify people in ways they never imagined, taking fear to the next level. Without clothing people feel defenseless and unprotected, a perfect opportunity to scare the pants off of visitors, if they were actually wearing pants.

When the scream park started out 20 years ago the scream-team frightened people with plastic masks and rubber knives. But as people became more adventurous they longed for hard-core terror.

Konopelski got the idea for the Naked and Scared tour when watching Discovery Channel’s show Naked and Afraid. The show depicts two strangers from the opposite sex put in survival situation in the woods for 21-days. And through their 21-day survival trial the couple must remain totally naked.

Inspired by the show’s creepiness, Konopelski and his team sat down to see if they could safely implement the same themed method into the Shocktoberfest.

After consulting with attorneys and getting an okay on the legal aspects, Konopelski went to Sinking Springs’ town officials and convincingly got approval to proceed with the new scare tactics.

Halloween’s Shocktoberfest Will Have Visitors Scared Naked

Since its trembling beginnings 20 years prior, Shocktoberfest has expanded into multiple scary venues for celebrating the Halloween season. From masks and knifes, the festival has grown to include a haunted hay-ride, midway games, food and of course now a naked trip through the haunted house.

Konopelski’s team utilizes hydraulics animatronics and special effects to create this place of virtual horror where customers can leave happily in agonized fear. And what Konopelski’s world of terror does for the strong of heart is give them an adrenalin rush they will never forget.

As children, walking through their very first haunted house most likely gave them the fear of their lives. Their horrific rush is like an adrenalin high that becomes addicting. The more scared the person becomes, the more they want to chase that adrenalin fear. And, it is the Shocktoberfest’s mission to provide this service of terror.

The Naked and Scared tour is offered to consenting adults only, at specific times when the regular crowd is not present. The only naked persons on the tour are the participants, not the ghouls. Concessions have been made under the Nude or Prude option of the tour. If a visitor wishes not to wear their birthday suit, then they can tour the hauntings in their skivvies. Konopelski emphasized that the tour has nothing to do with sex what so ever. Touring groups will remain small and hanky-panky of any type is prohibited. Any type of inappropriate behavior is absolutely forbidden.

Konopelski reassures this haunted tour is an “upscale experience.” It is the Shocktoberfest’s responsibility to create the illusion of a very chaotic, scary environment. But in reality, all is safe and secure in the Naked and Scared tour world. Participants will never be in front of mirrors or other non-consenting adults.

Feedback on the tour has been mixed, some of it negative. But the majority of those hearing of the tour have expressed interest.

This Halloween season will be the trial run for the naked tour, a mad experiment of sorts. Konopelski is waiting to see how the public responds and if all goes well, the Scared and Naked tour could have a second encore next Halloween season.

Halloween’s Shocktoberfest Will Have Visitors Scared Naked

So on Friday at midnight, the time of the bewitching hour, people will be pulling $20 out of their back pockets and taking their clothes off. It is assured this Halloween’s Shocktoberfest will have visitors scared naked.

Written by Lisa Graziano


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    Only ONE Spring… It’s Sinking Spring, PA.
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