Hillary Clinton 2016: Is America Ready for a Lesbian President? [video]

The Making of Another Historical Election

The Making of Another Historical ElectionBryan Fischer of The American Family Association believes Hillary Clinton will lead the way in more ways than one if she is elected U.S. president in 2016.

Fischer, who constantly spews anti-gay declarations on his weekly “Focal Point” radio show, is now referencing an interview with Gennifer Flowers. Flowers is allegedly former president Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress. During that interview, Flowers told Laura Collins of the Daily Mail that while she and Clinton were “allegedly” in a relationship he told her that Hillary was bisexual.

Due to Flowers’ presumption over Hillary’s relationship with aide Huma Abedin, Fischer stated that the bottom line of all of this is if America chooses Hillary Clinton to become our 2016 president, she would not only make history as our first female president, but she could be our first lesbian president as well.

Fischer has made several verbal attacks against President Barack Obama for embracing LGBT rights. Soon after the historical inaugural address when the president referenced lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender affairs Fischer started his rants. He condemned the president and proclaimed that homosexuals have no constitutional right to engage in sodomy. He added that Obama’s display of ignorance is ludicrous, and yes, all men are created equal but absolutely no one is born gay.

As it stands today there is no “official” evidence that the former secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a lesbian or bisexual.

Fischer, the most recognizable name in his anti-gay hate group rarely lets an opportunity to talk about homosexuality, same-sex marriage, or other issues related to the LGBT community slip by.

Whether Hillary actually is a member of the LGBT community is uncertain but one thing isn’t; if ever there was a time in American history for someone to exit the closet this is the time. In today’s society there are few things that guarantee a person love, applause and acceptance like being brave enough to admit that you are a homosexual. Once this declaration is made it seems that all past mistakes are forgiven; even having been married to the President who actually signed the 1996 “Defense Against Marriage Act.

Rumors have surfaced that Hillary Clinton will soon acknowledge the truth of the many rumors surrounding her sexuality in her soon-to-be-released autobiography.

Rumors about Hillary’s sexuality have floated around for a long time; such as her supposed experiments with lesbianism while at Wellesley but given how generic the rumors have been it’s been a breeze for Hillary to simply brush them off. It was easier during the pre-internet era for things to successfully be quieted. Many people have stated that while her husband was the Arkansas governor that he happily shared that his wife had eaten more p**** than he had.

To quote page 42 of Gennifer Flowers 1995 autobiography, Passion and Betrayal:

“There’s something you need to know. I’ve been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman.” I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn’t believe it when he burst out laughing. I was stunned! I asked him what was so funny. “Honey,” he said, “she’s probably eaten more p**** than I have.” Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn’t really bother him anymore. His first clue came from her lack of enjoyment of sex with him. She didn’t like to experiment and insisted on the missionary position and nothing else. Because she wasn’t enjoying herself; neither was he. Sex with her became a duty; nothing more.”

It seems people really feel that Hillary might actually be the next president of these United States of America and are starting now to try and shut it down. Fischer says Hillary Rodham Clinton wouldn’t just be the first woman president but she would also become our first lesbian president. The question still remains, “Is America ready for a lesbian president?”



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. randolph jay   March 16, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    Anyone who uses a Gennifer Flowers quote in any capacity other than as a complete joke has a real journalistic credibility ethics question here. True or not. And it will backfire majorly. Flowers’ quote is probably correct about Hillary’s lesbianism, but coming from her is the most foolish thing in the world.


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