Hollywood Hypocrites: Fake Anti-War Movie Stars Who are Silent on Syria

Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon
Although a handful of Hollywood personalities have come out as Conservative in recent years, Tinsel Town still remains very predominantly leftwing. As within the mainstream media, it is understood than many Conservatives in the movie industry will simply not speak about their political opinions for fear of seeing their careers ruined; this fact, in itself, perfectly demonstrates the complete intolerance of the American Left. The leftist Hollywood stars are, of course, unbearable hypocrites and here are ten prominent fake anti-war movie people who have remained silent on Syria; they despised George W. Bush and condemned his invasion of Iraq, but – in their mindless worship of Barack Obama – they remain silent as the country is pulled into another war that is clearly not in its interests.


Matt Damon
Damon’s box-office failure Green Zone was a decidedly anti-Bush and anti-American movie. Like most Hollywood leftists, Damon has the misguided idea that the American people actually value anything he has to say. He also believes that he can rewrite history, through his movies, to conform to the Progressive world-view. Damon is, truly, a bizarre figure who may even be a Conservative, but just too stupid to realize; his past comments have indicated that he is not opposed to war in general, if it is necessary, and neither is he opposed to using torture to obtain information that may say lives. However; he was opposed to the Iraq war but has been silent on the prospect of the US intervening in Syria. The difference? There appears to be none, other than that Damon’s hero, Barack Obama, is pushing for war with Syria and the movie star is not about to utter a word of criticism, regardless of the consequences.

It is, of course, actually possible that Damon doesn’t worship Obama, as suggested here, but that he merely feels sorry for him, but lacks the courage to criticize America’s first dark-skinned, mixed-race President.


Sean Penn
It is worth noting that Penn has devoted a very significant amount of his personal time, effort and money to help the victims of the 2010 earthquake that devastated the island nation of Haiti. For this, he should be commended. When it comes to politics, however, Penn would be the first inductee, were there a Hollywood Hall of Hypocrites. Penn is an ardent supporter of the current President, which is curious when one considers the open letter that the failed actor wrote to then President George W. Bush in 2002. In this letter, Penn criticized Bush for many of the very things that Obama has constantly done since he has been in the White House, as indicated in the following excerpt:

intolerance of debate (“with us or against us”), marginalization of your critics, the promoting of fear through unsubstantiated rhetoric, manipulation of a quick comfort media, and position of your administration’s deconstruction of civil liberties

In the same letter, Penn lamented the evils of war:

Yet, that bombing is answered by bombing, mutilation by mutilation, killing by killing, is a pattern that only a great country like ours can stop. However, principles cannot be recklessly or greedily abandoned in the guise of preserving them.

So, the question for Mr. Penn is; why no objection to military action in Syria? Any plans to visit Damascus? Perhaps Penn is still in mourning the loss of his great friend, the corrupt and autocratic Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez.


Susan Sarandon
Another Hollywood has-been, Sarandon devoted much time to speaking out against the US invasion of Iraq. At a 2002 anti-war rally in Washington DC, Sarandon said “Let us resist this war. Let us hate war in all its forms, whether the weapon used is a missile or an airplane.” She also said that terrorism cannot be defeated by violence and pointed out that most Americans were opposed to the war. One cannot be blamed for wondering, then, why she has spoken not one word about the current President’s push for military action in the Middle East. She cannot claim that the situations are not comparable; after all, she did advocate the opposing of war “in all its forms…” In addition, the prospect of US involvement in Syria is, indeed, opposed by most Americans. Presumably, she forgot to add that she is opposed to all wars, unless they are started by a President whose politics match her own.


George Clooney
“What did Bush do on 9/11? He ran away and hid.” Clooney was quoted as saying in The Guardian in 2003. One wonders if this self-important Obama sycophant has ever heard of a place called Benghazi. On another occasion, he said “Let’s face it: Bush is just dim.” It is worth noting that Clooney is supposedly offended by someone referring to a United States President by his last name only; When asked a question by Fox News reporter Jesse Watters at a red carpet event in 2012, the actor displayed mind-blowing hypocrisy when Watters referred to the President as “Obama”, “He’s the president of the United States. Not ‘Obama.’ He’s the president of the United States,” Clooney said.

So, George, “Bush” is ok but “Obama” isn’t?

Clooney was an outspoken critic of the invasion of Iraq. He has also been vocal in his opposition to the brutal and murderous Sudanese government. Nevertheless, he has never once criticized Obama for taking no action against Sudan and has yet to utter a word about the President’s Syrian expedition.

This list, of course, could easily run to 20 or 30 names, including Tim Robbins, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Barbara Streisand and a number of other super-rich Obama supporters and campaign contributors. None of the Hollywood hypocrites mentioned here can truly claim to be anti-war. They have been silent on Syria and will remain so. There is, in fact, no act of deceit, no lie and no crime that they would not support, so long as it is perpetrated by a Democratic President.


An op/ed by Graham J Noble

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