Homeless Recruited to buy iPhones

Homeless buying iPhones

Nearly 100 homeless people in the Los Angeles area were allegedly recruited by a businessman wanting to purchase as many new iPhones as possible to stand in line last night at an Apple Store near Pasadena. Yet numerous ended up being stranded and not given the cash promised to them once the businessman’s plans were exposed, says local news sources.

The businessman, who has yet to be identified, offered to pay $40 to each of the homeless individuals who would wait in line and purchase an iPhone for him. Apparently he started bragging about his scheme to other people also waiting, and he was reported to store personnel. That is when the store halted selling any iPhones to the homeless substitutes. The store had a limit of two phones per individual.

An angry mob of people in line encircled the alleged scam artist when he said he was not going to pay anyone who had not gotten him a phone. They were getting so rowdy that police officers had to guide him away, for his own security about 9 a.m.

Pasadena police decided not to investigate, stating it was “a business issue.” Apparently it is not illegal to recruit the homeless to buy iPhones or any other item for you and then leave them alone.

Some of the homeless were transported to the store Thursday night in vans, they told the Los Angeles Times, and then they had no way to get back to where they came from such as missions.

It was a sad night for some of society’s most venerable, standing in line for something a lot of them probably have never even seen before, recruited to buy something probably worth more than all each of them own, a new iPhone.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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