Influenza Vaccine and the Natural Alternatives

natural alternatives to influenza vaccination

Each year the Influenza Vaccine is enthusiastically called upon to prevent the contraction of flu, yet could there really be a more natural alternative that works?

To the dismay of many pharmaceutical companies, yes.

These natural alternatives are not patented which could lend itself to explaining why the information has been bleary with regards to alternative health and medicine. The propagation of their health benefits has been slow to kick off out of the old wives tale arena, and many still meet them with criticism.

Thankfully, the Influenza Vaccine is also under criticism. This shows that people are not just accepting at face value what it is they are being fed. The health benefits of this feat alone are far reaching. So what is it about the Influenza Vaccine that is under fire?

Apparently the Influenza Vaccine contains mercury (which can be a risk to future mothers as well as cause brain neuron degeneration) and also has been known to contain formaldehyde (a cancer causing agent). The mercury comes from the preservative Thimerosal.

Thimerosal is a known neurotoxin. Scientists are well aware that this mercury derivative is linked to brain damage and autoimmune diseases. Another potentially toxic ingredient is aluminum. This heavy metal could be allied with the increased prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease. These are some of the more serious features of the case against the Influenza Vaccine and there are still more side effects that seem unique to each individual. These range from nausea to the Gillain-Bare Syndrome.

The natural alternatives to the influenza vaccine are varied and it is quite a task sifting through all the information to get to the wisdom that works.

One of these is immunization via homeopathic therapy. An oral dose, a miniscule amount, of the virus is administered. The mucous membranes manage the ingestion as if it were contracted in nature, which then allows the body to follow its natural predispositions to fend off the virus. What often comes to mind when we visualize our bodies fighting diseases and infections is an aggressive stance between an ‘a ‘them’ and us’. This is slightly off-center.

The human body strives for homeostasis, that is, balance. The ‘fight’ we envision going on within our bodies allows a more aggressive interaction with our bodies. When we consider disease prevention and healing, we almost want to don swords and shields while all our body and the body systems wish to do is to equalize. As the view of our bodies reaching for harmony persists, we begin to understand the way our bodies work and could find a refreshing way to attain perfect health which, in essence, is our bodies in perfect balance. Autoimmune responses such as allergies is one obvious way we see how the body responds to certain stimuli in an effort to attain balance.

The administration of the homeopathic nosode Influenzinum 200K is a way to prevent the flu without shocking your body system. This is because it is administered in such a small dose and stimulates a “more holistic immune response” without leaking into the body’s filtering systems (which is where the side effects in standard flu vaccines usually get triggered). This homeopathic nosode is made from three different strains of flu for that particular year. These are diluted and administered as one dose per week for three weeks, then one dose per month during the autumn and winter time.

In an age where any and all information is at the touch of a button, ignorance is not an excuse. The wealth of knowledge is available to anyone who seeks it out. There are many more natural alternatives than the homeopathic treatment mentioned in this article, and it seems that the natural health market detracts too far from the financial success of the pharmaceutical companies. How much of the funds generated by the selling of pharmaceutical drugs  goes toward finding a cure for the exact problem or disease? This is because the disease or illness, which people pay to get treatment for, seems to be the source from which the financial rewards are generated.

Perhaps when the natural alternatives in the health market become patented and therefore financially rewarding, they will  be accepted  as a known treatment, more sustainable and healthy, than the Influenza Vaccine .


Written By: Jessica Rosslee

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  1. Christina   October 9, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Does this mean there is life-long immunity or are “boosters” required?

  2. simon   September 30, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    So instead of giving a dead virus (vaccination) you give a life virus?


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