Insurance Costs Soar under ObamaCare

Dr. Obama


Although the Obama administration continues to say ObamaCare will make health insurance more available for United States citizens, specialists believe this will not reach across the gap for everyone and that many individuals will see their insurance costs soar under ObamaCare.

Some members of Congress stated that premiums would indeed be lower than what congressional financial specialists estimated during debates on the legislature because the new law requires the addition of what it calls vital benefits, different items on different premiums which have to be covered  but that that will make insurance cost more than it does now. The insurance high prices will not be worth what will have to be covered if the deductibles soar to outrageous prices under President Obama’s plan, they say.

But the extras are only one piece of the insurance idea. All the plans will include very high deductibles. Some forecasters say to expect them being in the $5,000 to $6,000 area just for the bottommost level of coverage. Premiums may be very low as was stated above but the insurance deductible costs under Obama Care will more than make up for that if they soar through the ceiling and no one is able to pay their doctor, and hospital bills.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

ABC News

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