iPad New Smart Covers Leaked (Video)

 newest look into iPad5 slimmer and trimmer

The new set of iPad smart covers have been leaked and reveal a slimmer, more colorful selection. Rumors of narrower widths have been confirmed as the upcoming iPad is soon to be making its debut in late October.

David Smith, from the International Business Times, accurately forecasted the date of September 10 for 2013’s iPhone announcement. He has also determined that the iPad5 announcement will take place on October 22nd, which will then make the release dates of both tablets on November 1st.  The trick with Apple predictions is that as the predictions begin lining up with each other, and everyone starts to predict around the same date, you know that the arrival date is about to be released.

The rate of manufacturing and set details for the iPad accessories also contribute to the idea that the launch date is not too far on the horizon.

The present iPad covers are available in red, blue, pink, green and light grey. Add to this black, white and an orange that is returning from previous color palettes.

Unbox Therapy has posted a high-definition video displaying the “next-generation” new iPad and its case components and leaked smart covers. Taking a leaf of inspiration out of the iPad mini’s success, the design of the iPad5 is as sleek and slender as it has been speculated to be.

In contrast to the current iPad, the iPad5 has trimmed 15mm off in width. The designers of the new iPad5 have also cut down on its depth, which brings users a promise of a much lighter, more functional (easier to hold and carry) device. Keeping in iPad mini style, the screen is unaffected and is still sitting at a pretty 9.7 inches.

The Unbox Therapy video shows nifty dual speaker ports situated at the bottom and a mirrored Apple logo placed on the back of the device. There are volume buttons, which are separated, in comparison to the old design of a rocker.

Thanks to the backplates leaker, Sonny Dickson, we are already aware that the iPad 5 will more than likely arrive in the crisp silver/white and spacey grey/black blends heralded with the iPhone 5S. Sonny Dickson has showcased a great deal of photos of the rear panel of the iPad 5, revealing the Space Grey color. Some of the other photographs show new parts in their new array of colors, including the trusted silver. There has been no mention of any golden iPad, yet.

The option of gold and white cannot be too far behind and many will be tempted with the bling potential of matching of a gold iPhone with a gold iPad.

The new iPad has already a fan base of hands on, how to videos that will get all the usability questions answered. And although none have an iPad5 just yet, these videos do serve to confirm or disprove any suspicions. What has been confirmed is that the new iPads will be available soon. It is thinner, sleeker and narrower. The iPad5 has claimed a continued association with the iPhone 5S and not the 5C.

While the rest of the world is sitting, waiting, and predicting, the actual date for release is still keeping the technology world in suspense. Everyone is once again buzzing with the new leak of the iPad5 smart covers. The iPad 4 was released in October 2012, this just six months after its predecessor, the iPad 3. Apple followers are now expecting the imminent release of the iPad5 with bated keyboards.

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